Virgo man

  • So I am been messing around with this Virgo man going on seven years. He is 8 years older than me. He is 37 I'll be 29 next month on the 11th. When I meet him seven seven ago I only had one daughter at the time which was one. I had just broking up with my bf. So I started messing around with him just to pass time and to get over my ex. But quickly I fell for him. But things was moving slow. So after a year I went back to my bd. So now I messing with my bf and the Virgo man. So over the course of my relationship with my bf I was sleeping with the Virgo guy. Ended up falling in love with n just wanted to be with but it was hard to let go of my bf at the. Well I ended up perganat three more times by bf who us my ex now. But the Virgo guy stay around. Why I don't know. I ask him if I mess up he tells me no. I just made things complicated. I have told him that I am in love with him n that I love him he say the same thing. But why we not together. He ask to see me which i go and see him spend the night and all of that. Now he bring other girls around when I am around. He goes days with texting me or replying to my text. Goes days with out seeing him. He seem like he doesn't want anything to do with my children. Like is it just sex or do he really like me and want to be with me. Or it's just sex

  • It's just sex.

  • Sorry to say it, but you need to leave this relationship be now. He wants nothing more than sex, the best thing to do is to let him go .

  • He just want sex, Ubetter than that, I hope u find the right answers, I feel for you, it’s hard when u love someone to see what going on in front of you, follow ur instincts x

  • It's not that you're looking for a relationship. You're just that you're looking for someone to share your adventures with. It's ok if you just found a person with whom you can just have fun. There's no reason why you should be afraid of proximity or commitment. Life isn't always about searching for someone to fill an empty role or fill a void left by a previous relationship. Also, an excellent remedy to relax and forget someone is to get a girl from the best escort company. I always go there when I have problems in life.

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