What does Queen of Cups mean as outcome card

  • Hi,

    This is my first time posting.

    I don’t want to put much too out there as this is very personal, but I know it’s necessary in order for you to help answer my question so I will try to be brief. I realize this isn’t a social forum for domestic problems.

    My mother is going through a divorce with my “father” who is an extremely abusive person. He is making things difficult as always, and being very hateful towards all of us, despite the fact my mother isn’t taking anything from him, even after several decades of marriage, and just wants the marriage to be over. It is a very stressful and scary situation for us all (my mother, my brother and I) and my mother can not afford a lawyer so we are at his mercy.

    I did a general card reading, about whether or not I would be ok and how things would end up with all of what is going on right now.

    The card for the past was the nine of wands, the card for the present was the hirophant and the future card was the Queen of Cups. I’m not completely sure what any of it means truly, but my biggest concern is the Queen of Cups for it is the outcome card.

    I did a much larger spread the day before about the same thing basically, and the outcome was the King of Cups. There were several other cup cards in that reading, and because the cups represent emotions I am not surprised.

    If anyone could give some insight I would appreciate it. Obviously tarot isn’t going to solve the problems I am facing, but it’s all I have in the way of comfort at the moment.

    Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it. I hope this wasn’t too personal, I really tried to not include too much about the situation in case that’s not appropriate.

  • @blackisthecolour .y'all got to haul ass .stay away from the abuser .separate to different places if you have to .get the younger ones out first.i ain't psychic but I have lived with a psycho and they get meaner as the days come cause he's gonna lose his whipping post. Don't feel sorry for him.theres no time.id be throwing me a bag together.put it someplace.gradually but kinda quickly get up the rd
    He's gonna try to put y'all in the poorhouse.you gonna be okay.its a last ditch effort to keep controlling ..what goes up will come down..he can't do that crap to an empty house. Don't look back..freedom is a calm rational made up mind and chin up.i do know that life is gonna get better every step toward a calm life.you all deserve that.

  • @readmylips thank you for your message! We have already left (on the 31 of August), but he has been contacting my mother by phone. We actually had no choice but to turn the family dog over to him yesterday, which was very heart breaking as he does not even like the dog, but wanted the dog because it “belonged to him”. It’s a very unfortunate situation all around. I am sorry you went through living with a psycho as well. Hope you are doing better now.


  • Oh honey im glad yall are gone from there.the dog situation is horse shit.dont worry you will get your pet back.hang in there. Hey I think the queen card is your mama taking care of her family like the queen she is.really a hero for being strong and smart.im just a simple woman from Georgia but there is your card question answered my way lol .again,I have no idea what it means truly but I see it that way.💛👣

  • @readmylips

    Thank you again 🙂 it means a lot xx and I really hope we do get the dog back. We’re very worried for her. How funny, because we actually are from Georgia as well. I think you may be right about the queen representing my mother, I had that thought also. Tarot can be tricky because so much of it is up to interpretation.

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