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  • Can anyone give me some help on a reading I've just had please. It seemed very contradictory and I left more confused than I were when I went in if I'm honest with you.
    Here is the list of cards I drew and this is the order that I picked them out.

    Five of pentacles
    Queen of wands
    Nine of pentacles
    Three of wands
    Queen of swords
    Six of cups
    Ace of cups
    Ten of wands
    The Heirophant
    King of knights

    Any help would be great.
    Thank you so much

  • @lauraetch What question did you have in mind when you pulled the cards? Were you using a particular spread? If so, what meaning was assigned to each card position? Lastly, you have King of Knights as the last card - was it a King or a Knight and which suit (cups, swords, pentacles, wands)?

  • @lauraetch @watergirl18

    I'm unsure as to what cards were used, she did tell me but I was so nervous I couldn't take it in.

    It was the knight of wands for the final card
    The question I asked were about my relationship and whether we have a future?
    Thank you

  • @lauraetch is he in school or studying something at this time?

  • @watergirl18 no he's not

  • @lauraetch ok thanks for confirming. It came up but I didn’t feel it was you so wanted to check. Without pulling cards of my own I will just tell you a few things that jumped out with your cards. When asking about relationships, getting any “3” Card is a red flag. Also, the knight of wands is a bit of a player or someone choosing between two paths. Then there were 2 queens - another suggestion of 3 people. Which queen is you? The five of pentacles is you feeling left out in the cold. Nine of Pents is a single woman card. So I would guess there was a breakup here and he went back to someone else. 6 and Ace of cups suggest a renewal of a past relationship. The Hierophant might suggest a marriage but could also signify a spiritual lesson.

  • @watergirl18

    Thank you.
    There was indeed a break up, the man in question is my husband who has made me leave the family home.
    I am unsure if he is going back to someone he was previously in a relationship with.
    I am at a crossroads at the minute as I really want to fight for my marriage but then on the other hand I don't know if I can or should.
    With lack of communication from his side I'm finding it really difficult to move forward with him or get closure.

    Thank you

  • Hi Laura,

    While I can’t currently read into your cards at the moment (it’s very late and I must go to sleep) I just wanted to say I’m very sorry to hear about your situation. I know it must be hard. I wish you the best, and hope it all works out in whatever way is best for you. If I’m able to find the time, I’ll try to decipher your spread for you later today. Things are very hectic here right now, but I wanted to offer you some support.


  • @blackisthecolour
    That would be great if you could find the time to do that.
    Thank you so much for your help This far

  • @lauraetch I am too tired to do an intuitive read for you, I'm sorry. But I can still try to help. What happened that he made you leave the family home? I keep getting images of children but not sure it's because children are involved or because there is a problem with being needy or smothering. If he is unwilling to communicate then it is wise to not try and fight for the marriage at this time.

  • @watergirl18
    There are children involved.
    The only reason he gave was that we were arguing too much but we really weren't. We were happy, really happy we had just celebrated out or 2nd wedding anniversary.
    I didn't another him, he was allowed to do what he liked and go wherever he liked, as was I.
    I'm just so confused

  • @lauraetch @blackisthecolour we had had an argument the evening beforw over something really tedious (it was about one of the kids beds breaking)

  • @lauraetch OK, the images of the kids was literal. For it to have escalated the way it did there must have been something else going on that you weren't aware of. A "really happy" marriage does not break up over a tedious argument about a child's bed. You may have been happy but it seems as though he was not. Youwill need to talk to him about why he was unhappy, but if he is refusing to communicate then you will have to give it some time.

  • @watergirl18
    I know this is what's so confusing about everything. I'm open to talk to him but he is not. I want to get to the root of it I really do but like you say I need to give him time to talk.
    Thank you

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