Understanding your dreams...

  • How well do you understand your dreams? Personally, I'm a very vivid dreamer who has a lot of intense dreams of hiding, running, and solving some kind of problem or mystery. I'm often times trying to figure out whether this is because of the suspenseful podcast I just listened to or because of things going on in my life.

    Turns out each zodiac sign has a certain style to dreaming, and knowing how to address your dreams can help you in your daily life! As an Aries, lucid dreaming and having an active role in my dreams in natural. By learning to take action in my sleep, it will resonate in my conscious state -- allowing me to control what I consider to be fearful.

    What kinds of dreams do you have? How do they affect your life?

  • Interesting! Apparently I want to find good uses for my dreams. I do have some weird ones ...

  • I have strange dreams as well. It would be interesting to find out what they mean. Sometimes, I feel like there is something I need to knowing these dreams, but for me, it's hard to interpret my own dreams.

  • They do say a good method is to focus on how the dream made you feel.

  • @thecaptain i had a dream I was inside a pyramid going through different trials. And if you lost you could die. There was a team of us, and only some survived. It was like a obstacle inside and outside the pyramid. As we got to the outside top part, if we didn't hurry, the pyramid sand would loosten and you could fall off, and we tried to rely on each other like a team. It was a fascinating dream. At some point I remember holding onto a tree so I could wait for the pyramid to harden again so I wouldn't fall off. I remember being victorious and surviving the trials.

  • TulipLilly, it sounds like your subconscious is advising you to carefully think through any problems you might have, go your own way, and apply good old common sense (and not emotion).

  • @thecaptain i just realized, maybe that dream has something to do with the stock I want to pick?I've had that dream a bunch of times over the past couple of months. I thought maybe it had something to do with my divorce. But maybe I'm wrong. Thanks, captain for your insight!! Your so helpful😀

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