• Am I the only one that feels the cosmic shift? Seems the full moon has rolled over, taking us into a smoother ride. Hooray.....with gratitude! I don't know about you folks but this wolf was starting to bend low to the ground under the last week's heavy clouded weight. Today, everything is lighter. Stuck doors suddenly don't just open, there's a smiling face on the other side to greet you! All those customer care calls you made that didn't go well. I actually had one rude woman loudly chewing food and clueless why I asked her to repeat herself please.. Any rude roadblock to taking care of business these past weeks has gone "poof"! Thank God! My lovely ass was dragging. And my nerves were becoming meditation resistant!BLESSINGS!

  • I've been feeling out of sorts for some time now!! Today I feel a little mellower. I'm not so wound up. It's been quite an adventure.

  • Yes it has been a rough period - glad it is over!

  • I’m glad it’s over, what a ride! Although I would say today was the final bump for me ! Hopefully smooth sailing for everyone now!

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