Is this man interested in being something more?

  • I met someone I'm really interested in and I'm wondering if there is a future with us or no? So can I please get a tarot reading from someone about us, I would really appreciate it! My dob: 05/27/95 and his dob: 11/13/83

  • My instincts tell me this would be a nice friendship (though he would hate for you to become dependent on him), but not conducive for love.

  • @thecaptain Thank you, is this based on our signs compatibility in general (as I know Scorpio and Gemini tend to not be compatible) or you see him and I really not being able to become more? Sorry if that doesn't make sense. He seems to be sending mixed messages, I gave him the chance to back out on continuing with me (we're not dating but have gone on a date, by "continuing", I mean like preparing to be more in the future, if that makes sense) but he said he's still interested in continuing with me, but then he doesn't really seem to reach out to me much. Confusing. Should I let him be and go my own way then? I don't really want to waste my time if it will never be more with him and I.

  • @dawnmr-95 I think your definition and his definition of "continuing" are two completely different things. You need to ask him what he means exactly when he says he wants to "continue" with you. It feels like he just wants to have you as an option when he feels like it and that is all. That is completely different that what you mean by it - "preparing to be more in the future"

  • @dawnmr-95
    you will do yourself a favor if you relax your all or nothing expectations. Scorpios in general do not like being pressured. They are generally honest about romantic intentions so if they say they are interested it means exactly that. After one date that is really all you should expect. There can be some restless differences between the two signs but it really depends on your birth charts. I'm not surprised you are attracted. Scorpios in general got it going in the charm department. They can be very magnetic. They do not like appearing weak in any way so they will play hard to get if they think their love interest is in deep. Scorpios are masters of the hidden and can see through others in a psychic way so if you are in too deep over him...he will know! This is not a man to chase. Don't focus too hard on capturing him and allow him to reveal his interest slowly. Scorpios can be very hard to catch BUT once a Scorpio is truly smitten they are all in and they prefer the challenge of capturing their prize. If you are too soon grasping on a future with this man it will backfire. Live your life as usual and wait for him to be MORE interested or not. Also, playing games with a Scorpio will as well back fire horribly as well. Manipulating this attraction in anyway will not work. Don't make plans that aren't real. Enjoy your dates but be honest. If you are only interested in dating with a future attached you must own it. Wait for a man who feels the same. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon oh okay, yea, my mom's a Scorpio and she said Scorpios can be hard to get. I haven't spoke to him in a couple days and I've been talking to other guys as well right now, just went on another date with another Scorpio yesterday (No I don't seek out Scorpios lol). I figure if the first one is interested in hanging out and getting to know me even more, he'll reach out. But if not, then that's alright lol, I'm just continuing on with my life.

  • @dawnmr-95
    good for you. Sounds like you may have a Scorpio influence in your chart. I don't seek them out either but Scorpios have ALWAYS been part of my life in a big way. I attract them like magnets. I married a Scorpio and gave birth to two. Several very important friendships in my life have been Scorpios. They are all different of course but there are some Scorpio traits that are true across the board. They definitely keep it interesting! They are not for the weak, that's for sure. Enjoy your freedom and let the right man earn your commitment when it's time. You are too young to rush. BLESSINGS!

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