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  • CoffeeGem, what was so strange about your week?

    In love and light,


  • Good morning CoffeeGem I feel when someone close to me is hurting. Like I would start craving something and when my guy at the time got home from work he would say how did you know I wanted that for dinner? Well cause I started craving it. Or I would know what he did at work when it wasn't his job to do any longer. Also when my knee would start hurting and it shouldn't. Or calling my daughter by my sisters name my sister would be in the hospital. Or I would pick up on someone's behavier and it was't something that I would normally do but was now. Didn't even know the person existed. So it was a stretch of my abilities. Never have been afraid just surpised I was doing it.

  • I have to agree with you 100% on using the sun to clean my energy field and charkas..if we let negetive energy buld up in us..it causes health and emotional problems.

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  • CoffeeGem I would like you to try something that I had to do because I was picking up on someone and it was very embarrassing what I was feeling. Try surrounding yourself with white light completely around you from your feet all around like a bubble or being inside this circle of light. Ask to be surrounded by the love of the white light and to keep anything negative from coming though to bother you. You will have to work on this several times a day to reinforce it to protect you and keep you safe and well and out of harms way. I had to do this many times during the day in order to hold it because I had never done anything like this before. It worked I was finely able to break the connection I had with this young woman and no longer knew what she was doing. It was unhealthy for me and I couldn't let it continue. And I managed pretty quickly to stop it. See of it will work for you. Best of luck, Love and Light

  • Hey coffeegem. I am glad your strange week has come to a close. And I am glad you have found the strength to cut off those types of people and cleanse yourself. I agree with you, in order to move forward in life you sometimes do have to cut yourself off from emotionally unhealthy people. I know for me that has been hard because I like to help others and got so used to helping them that cutting them loose was a loss for me too. But it is for the best. We have to take care of us. Libraslair gives some good advice too. It sounds helpful. I have been sticking with the meditation thing and it is working really well. As for those dreams, my only suggestion would be to write them all down when you wake up. Your mind may be trying to tell you something. Anyways, things are cool over here. Getting ready to start a new week. How you doing?

    Libraslair, those types of connections are cool. They may seem strange from time to time but must be helpful. I am like that with my boyfriend in different ways. I will start singing a song and he will say he was just singing it in his head. Or he'll put on a movie and I was just going to ask him to put that one on even though we didn't talk about it. Stuff like that. These connections are good because they can keep us safe and it makes it easier to communicate when it seems we can't. You must be pretty sensitive to that type of stuff but it is a good thing unless it is hurting or effecting you poorly. I have felt that similar connection with my sister and mom and it is a good thing, it is like being able to send messages without picking up the phone.

  • The only one that really threw me was the person that I didn't know. I still keep in contact with her but I am not tuned in to her. When you know what's going on in someones bedroom its too embarrassing and I knew that this person she liked was going to end up hurting her physically. I couldn't get her to stop seeing him so I had to protect myself. I had been with a husband who abused me and I told her I couldn't go through that again with her. At that point I started asking friends what can I do to stop this and that's when a friend told me to surround myself. Greatful that it worked for me.

  • Yea, that sounds like that would be a bit intense. And definitely something you would not want to experience on someone else's behalf. I am glad it worked for you. I like golden light more, but that is just me. I like to practice seeing it within and around me while I meditate. It does make me feel safe.

  • I as well can pick up on people's emotions. I didn't know that was a psychic ability though. Is there a way to turn it on and off, like with my automatic writing? I can control that, but the emotional thing I can't. Of coarse I didn't know that was a gift till now either.

    It's a very confusing thing . . . picking up on peoples emotions, and especially if you don't know that's what it is. For the longest time I thought I might be bi-polar, lol, but I'm always happy and content and calm when I'm by myself, but when I'm around people that are angry, I get angry, or when they are sad, I literally feel their pain to the point that it will literally feel like my heart is breaking in two, and I don't even know why.

    If anyone knows how to control this please let me know. I would love to be able to turn this off when I'm at home as I have a big family, and I'm an emotional rollarcoaster from the time my kids get home till they go to bed at night.

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  • Namaste!

    A book you may like to purchase: Empowered by Empathy, by Rose Rosetree

    I recommend everything Rose does.



  • Thank you for the book suggestion Ahliyah. I love to read so this could be good. Plus, who on this thread or anywhere for that matter, couldn't use some personal empowerment? I am going to look up Rose Rosetree. How are you?

    Hello everyone else, how are you guys? This thread has died down a bit, but I wouldn't mind if it picked up again lol.

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  • Hey Coffeegem,

    This person who's energy you are trying to block, it sounds like they are aware their energy bothers you. Like they can possibly see the effect they have on you. I think you should just continue to do what you have been doing that has worked for you. I am sorry you have been lonely this past week. I hope the feeling passes. Sometimes when you are doing what you have been and don't know anyone else in person who is trying to do or feels the same way as you it is harder. I have a very loving supportive boyfriend who is always here for me but sometimes because I don't have any female friends here with me and especially nobody who is in to these kinds of things close by I get lonely too. But eventually once you get more comfortable with yourself and can start working on setting your intent out into the Universe you will start to draw the things and people you desire to make you feel less lonely. But it is all within you. I am just learning about using desire and intent to draw these things into my life, but when I was looking for a class on tarot and developing my intuition and abilities, I was really serious about this, a teacher found me and emailed me. And now I am in the class. You will find your peace, I know you will. And hold memories like the one about your grandmother close to you, it is a cool one and a nice one.

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