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  • Hello Coffeegem- When I picked out my first deck of tarot cards I was browsing online through different sites looking for a deck I liked. I got tired, so many decks, none really calling to me. I went to Llewelyn (dont know if im spelling that right) publishing and their website cause I was browsing free tarot readings. I decided to choose a deck, picked one, and BAM staring me in the face, was one of the most awesome decks I had seen. I wanted it immediately and purchased it online that day. I think you should browse through some good organized tarot deck websites and see what calls to you. It may be online or you might just go the bookstore and look and find a deck you really like. The only thing that matters is you see it and love it, it is easy to understand, and you can see it fitting right in with your life. If it is Rider-Waite based you are good to go because that is what most decks are based off of. Let me know when you want to exchange info so you can find out more about the class.

  • Hi there I am in the same place as you. Always wondering why I knew who was at the other end of the ring of the phone , and these were people we had not heard from in months most of the time and if my hub picked up he would say "you will never believe" , and I would say JOHN AND he'd get the strangest look. We were trying to sell our home for a year and nothing during the boom back in the early 2000's . One day a flyer came to the door this man said give me one month to sell your house . As soon as I touched the paper I knew we had to call as soon as I met ED I KNEW he was IT! 20 days later we had a sale and 5mos from there we were moving into our new home. ???? I didi not know HOW I knew. I have defa vu 50 XS a week , I cannot turn it off reallly well yet but am learning to shield myself from the vamps. I guess I am in no postition to give advice since I just learned myself and now the last 30 or so years seem understandable.. However, in real life their are Vampires , these do not suck blood from you but you are just as week or angry or sad as if they did. these are people who are so far from seeing any light that they try to suck everyone into their ugliness "MISERY LOVES COMPANY " and all that , its SO TRUE. So one thing I can tell you is go inside yourself and envision a beautiful white lite all around you like a coat and use it whenever you are around that type of person that way you are not cutting them off or being unkind you are keeping them from taking you out of your happy or contented state. Blessings to you and yours and light as well , if you get anymore info please share and I will as welll! Peace Mary GREENMOTHER 35

  • Dearest Leo, I really think that if you look at my other post you need a coat , use your third eye to create the light , you have been given this gift as an infant ,we all have it is what connects us the whole we are all brothers and sisters under one Spirit is what this is. Unfortunately as kids we are told to keep our feet on the ground and that there are no such things as entities and no we did not see grandma at the end of our bed we were just dreaming. Sound familiar. knowing things about people before you even really know them. KNowing who to avoid , it's almost like a smell if you are wearing your shield . You don't have to be mean just politely excuse yourself . One really good exercize if you don't mind , If you do please don't hesitate to just put it out there. The exercize close eyes go from three to one while descending a spiral staircase to your basic psychic level , look around see what it is , it can be whereever or whatever you want a desert a beautifully windowed full of light room.etc but it will speak to you and it will just come , if visualization is hard for you this will help. This is where you put on your armor or coat of protection we should say. Think like putting on a coat of light to protect your sensitivities so that you may be with people without bringing home their pain. YOu can help them without taken them on. If you do that you will fall over from exhaustion. This place is where we are all connected mine is a brightly lit hallway with alot of closed doors but two. The two open ones are problems that I was dealing with and then I fixed it. So two doors are open . Don't know what are in the others but am not afraid wil get to them in time. I love my space and you are more than welcome , maybe someday I"ll meet you there. I will put some book info up here that I am learning from you may want to look at. but just wanted to say HI and you have NO IDEA how many good jobs I had to ditch b4 I knew as it would be toosad .BLESSINGS AND LIGHT GREENMOTHER 35

  • Hey Friedfish. I was just visiting a thread I started awhile ago about psychic abilities and someone had given me a link to a site about what may help. I am still reviewing the site and I don't have an opinion on it yet but they were asking questions about you have been feeling lately. One of the questions was do you feel as though energy is pouring out of the top of your head?? Crazy right. So I guess others have felt this way before. Here is the site: http://www.emergingearthangels.com/

    It was formerly called whatsuponplanet earth. But it can't hurt to look at it because maybe there is some explaination of it on the site.

    Universal Harmony

  • Hello All,

    I haven't been in the forums in months, but this one caught my attention. First I wanted to tell Krazkatie, I loved your poem, it was so well written, very special. Thank you for sharing. I was recently told I was Empath, never knew the true meaning of the term so lately started doing some research on it. Yes, like many of you, I have had total strangers pick me out, come up to me and cry to me, with me ending up holding them close in hugs, crying with them too. What was always surprising to me is there were other people standing or closer to them but they singled me out. I cry so easily and pick up emotions, it's hard for me to watch action packed movies or anything that is full of negative energy because I get so tense, and find myself holding my breath waiting for the release. Life has been very difficult for me, especially lately, I always feel so empty, so lonely. I've been searching for answers. Men in my life tell me that I'm too emotional, my husband gets angry with me because people want to tell me personal things about themselves, so I'm absorbed with them. He will make comments to me like are they your new best friend? I feel I'm put down for who I am, or another male friend tells me I'm just too emotional, I need to control my emotions. I can't help what I feel, I can't change how I feel but why should I? Within the last two months, I have lost a job I had for 11 years, was hired immediately so now I'm learning a brand new job, my daughter and her son are looking into moving out of our house, they have been living with us for 4 years, I was just rear ended in a car accident, which pushed me into another vehicle, so I had damage on my newer SUV, someone I loved dearly, has hurt and betrayed me which has cut me deeply. I wonder why, what lessons am I supposed to be learning here? How much more can I take and still get up each day trying to stay focused and positive. Am I just feeling sorry for myself, there are others with some many true, true problems. I just want to find someone that will love me, that will understand me, that will respect me and I will be the same for them. I'm sorry, it's just been so trying for me and I'm having a hard time dealing with the intense lonliness and emptiness in my life. I hope I didn't put a damper on any of you, I don't like being down. It serves no purpose. Thanks for letting me vent.

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  • Thank you for writing back CoffeeGem, yes, I should feel privledged that I was given this gift. In all actuality, I much rather give than receive, but the loves in my life know this about me, take advantage of it horribly, until I defend myself, then I'm the one that is cruel. I guess this is something we must deal with our entire life. I guess instead of feeling used, I should be happy that people feel comfortable with me. I usually feel quilty when I think about myself. Oh, it's a tough life to balance sometimes.

    I recently have been trying to get in contact with my guides, really trying hard to communicate with them, I even had a name come to me, I discovered a woman her in the forums that had insight to these matters, she even told me more about guides, the names of some of my guides and she is the one that told me I was Empath. When researching Empath is what confirmed that I was indeed, had been my entire life. In researching guides, I came across a web site which stated: A Christian's view on spirit guides" It made a lot of sense to me because when I was younger my Mother preached very, very heavily to all of my siblings and myself about demons possessing your body, it scared me to death. Basically this Christians view was the same preachings I had as a child, so it scared me to call the guides to my assistance. I even rebuked them from my body, in which I could actually feel them leaving through my neck, at the top of my spine. I told them I was very sorry but I had to be sure only the highest, possible light and goodness was to be close to me. I know, it all sounds crazy but in trying to discover who I am, I have tried any avenue that made sense to me, that felt right. I am trying so hard to achieve a calming, peaceful, loving, nurturing persona that it seems I become a far lesser person than I desire to be. I'm 50 for goodness sake, when am I going to feel confident, assured, wise, secure? The harder I try to discover, the more pathetic I feel I become. What's going on?

    Thank you for taking the time to respond, I hate being a burden to anyone, I don't like not having control of my life, I feel so lost. Maybe I'm looking too hard, maybe I should just let it all go, put my life in the hands of God, tell him I can't do it, and let him guide me? I love reading from this thread because what you all are saying has importance and is significant to me.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • ILoveFish, glad you found this thread. It is great when we can all share. My heart goes out to you in this tough time. I feel that it will pass soon though. These transitions must have you feeling extra sensitive. As for trying to feel better and feeling worse, maybe you are trying just a bit too hard. You have to take one step at a time. The way things sound, I would say try to write your feelings down and the feelings you get from others down, then seperate which ones are truly yours and which ones are not just being manifested from others problems. Since you have a daughter and grandchild in need, you are probably spreading yourself thin, giving love out to everyone and trying to help them out the best you can. Let me say this, now is the time to start getting a bit more selfish. You need you time. Do you write or journal? If not, you should start and if you do, you should do a bit more. I have been using tarot cards combined with meditation and dream recording to help, but we all have our own way. Find something that helps you sort through your emotions and to claim them. Once you know how you really feel, think of what you have to do to fix these feelings. Don't worry about other people or how you are perceived. You are you. You have to love you. We have had many similar experiences and I know this is hard. But if you are not comfortable with these feelings and within your pure self, you will have to find methods to become comfortable. I think in a couple months things will really start to feel better. My boyfriend always calls me a crybaby, I cry all the time. Over so many things. Even when I am not sad, tears come to me for joy sometimes, frustration and anger, pity. But if you are emotional, that is who you are. Don't let them make you feel bad for it. You are a beautiful person who helps many others. Just remember that just because you are empathic you have to help everybody. You have to help yourself first. And we'll be one here, so stop by more often 😃

    Coffeegem, when is your bday and/or what are your astrological signs? We have a lot in common lol. I was born on June 23rd, I am a Cancer with a Gemini Moon and Aquarius rising. I too, have the same connection with my mother. And she too has been counseling others for years, quite literally, as she is a professional counselor. She is not a spiritual person so she doesn't put a label to these types of things and she is not nearly as sensitive as me, but I feel I get a lot of this from her. That is very interesting about your astrological chart, I swear, there is something in the universe, helping people awaken or connect to their inner strengths and abilities. I have been studying the collective unconcious and synchrosity a bit and it is funny how we are all starting to realize how we have had many similar life experiences and are feeling the urge to share them and research them all around the same time. I think your chart is right, you are going to start seeing things a bit different. And as that emerging angels sight says, we are going through this hard time right now because we are currently going through transition. We need to find others in the same stage of development. How cool right?

    Universal Harmony

  • Coffeegem and Universalharmony,

    Thank you both for caring enough to write your feelings to a total stranger. Tears streaming down my cheeks now, happy ones. I won't write more now because I have so much housework that I need to complete. It has been a lazy day for me, I needed to connect with like minds. By the way, if you're interested. I'm a Pisces with a Pisces Moon and Sag rising. I've been researching now for months, trying to find answers. Just went on Karen's Emerging Angels site due to what was posted here, curious. WOW, I could answer yes to all questions she asked about what we are feeling, it was amazing that she asked these things, so now I'm seeing there are many, many going through the same feelings. I will once again keep my head held high, think only positive, surround myself with good light, and send blessings to all.

    Thank you both so very much, sincerly. Blessings to you.

  • Thanks Universal harmony, Ive been a little busy lately but i will be sure to check it out. Just wanted to let you know im checking in. Again thank you, I think i seen whatsuponplanetearth very informative, All information can be helpful in one way or another. talk to soon. Take care. FF!

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  • ILoveFish, I wish you the best. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Friedfish, glad to see you are still around lol. Take your time and I'll see ya around lol

    Coffeegem, I am like wow. I knew our birthdates would be close. I am born on the cusp of gemini too and since I have the gemini moon, it has been a very interesting experience lol. Do you know your moon signs? If you want your whole birth chart, go to the readings bar at the top of the page, click on samples and they will have a sample birth chart reading with a complete full birth chart. I've been doing some research on all my planets, houses, and stars and you can really learn a lot that makes sense from it. I am really glad to hear you were strong enough to make that change, it must have been tough. And it is great you see the benefits from it already, you will surely see more. I actually just shed a job I had for 3 years, I was dancing, and once I did, the positive things I gained from it are just great. I don't condemn the job, but I can not stand what I let it do to my self esteem. I have a looong way to go, but things are looking up. I don't know if it's earthangels or what, but something is happening where many are desiring inner personal change. Which is awesome.

  • Great thread, everyone. I'm thrilled that each of you are finding your own answers.



  • Thanks Ahliyah =). Gotta bump this up. Calling all empaths, questioning empaths lol

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  • They say the moon sign is supposed to symbolize your emotions and personality and your rising sign is supposed to reflect how others view you. Your sun sign or main sign (Gemini in your case) represents you as a whole kind of, along the lines of the things you like and enjoy, the things you find appealing, and the people you get along with. I think that is kind of broken down. Oh yea, I forget if you said you wanted info. on that class but I am really loving it and you only have to turn in an assignment a month at the least. if you are interested, I can get you the info.

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