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  • Hi All,

    I have been combing the internet seeking information on empathic abilities and have found some pretty good sites. I wanted to know if anyone could suggest a site or even share a story. I have finally, after many years have been able to put a name on the emotions I could feel from other people and my ability to 'judge a book by its cover'. From what I have read I am a 'truth sayer', not sure if I am terming it correctly but basically I get a pretty strong sense whether someone is telling me the truth or not. Or sometimes I can pinpoint the source of someone's emotional turmoil.

    I am not only seeking information about empathic abilities but am on a quest of enlightenment. I am learning about many spiritual things as I am not one to settle down with one specific belief or religion. I think all of these things may be channeled to different religions, etc. but the message of enlightenment is still there.

    I have felt lonely most of my life and lonely because I can't talk to someone about the empathy. But as I grow spiritually the loneliness is getting quieter and I am feeling more content. So feel free to comment.

    Take Care

  • not sure what an empath is but spirituality wise I have been going with yoga and zen meditation. it helps me to gain balance and in tune with my psyche. I have found my way back to my spirit guide. she was my guide in my past life, so that's why I said I found my way 'back'. I'm still learning though and not much of a psychic although I had premonitive dreams and personal visions before. from what I heard an empath needs to ground themselves often, since they pick up emotions really quick and intense all the time they could be overwhelmed and lose balance easily. anyway welcome to the board, I'm sure there are more empaths in this forum would be happy to reply

  • I have recently began researching empaths and different experiences they have been through. I too have felt the same way, lonely in not finding anyone else who feels the same. My boyfriend of five years is great at understanding and consoling me, but even he does not experience the emotions that I go through on a regular basis. I will continue to do some more research and I will put some links in here when I find something good. Ever since I was a kid, I have felt like I can connect and read others emotions, problems, and feelings in many different situations. Ever since I was a kid many people have just naturally came to me to talk without even knowing me well to tell me their stories. This is why I am going into the counseling field. I just started reading tarot cards professionally and I hope this will be a chance to speak to others who have had similar experiences. Sometimes, I cry for complete strangers in tragedy because I can feel how much it hurts them. In my previous job, I had to quit after three years because all the sadness and hopeless feelings the people around me felt ended up helping me to feel the same way. Since removing myself from the situation, my mind has been so much clearer but it is still tough. I have been practicing meditation, affirmations, poetry, and reading cards for myself and writing them down. I have been trying to spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun which has helped me keep my mind in a positive light and block out the negative feelings and energies when I sense them around me. These have all been working great for me but everyone is different. I am not a religious type either. I believe in spirituality but I believe everyone's road to enlightenment is their own and there are no wrong answers when it comes to trying to be a better person (unless it envolves hurting or cutting down others). I would love to hear what you have experienced and what you have learned as well. This is a topic I could go on about for days but I think ill break it up lol.

    Universal Harmony

  • Yes, I love this topic. You guys have pretty much said it all. I agree. ( :


    She catches in their waves of anguish

    Their sorrows, fears, and sins

    They know not of her strength or madness

    See not how she befriends

    Appointments, never made, are kept

    Scheduled with divine care

    Secrets hidden - held so tight

    They seek her out to share

    A Spirit Catcher by design

    Twisted - slightly touched

    Gathering up the ills of those

    Who'll never know this much

    Drawn, are they, as if in quest

    With intent not foretold

    But moments after they converge

    She feels what's to unfold

    She swiftly trades the spirits out

    With deepest true compassion

    But she must gain from this exchange

    Their darkest, painful passion

    Returning to the place she dwells

    Remembering all their tear

    Alone she battles for her soul

    She now must fight their fears

    Wrestling within, conquests - defeats

    Some spirits never leave her

    And each new day, her conference sought

    Yes, she's the Spirit Catcher


  • That was a very nice poem. The words are poetic yet still straight forward and easy to read. The message is so clear and touching. Did you write this? And that is a great way to describe how empaths, clairsentients, etc. must feel quite frequently. Beautiful.

  • hello everyone,

    I too feel this way. Ive just recently discovered that i may be an empath. It certainly would explain why; even as a child i could never sit through a sad movie without feeling all of the emotions,and feeling as if it was my real feeling. Till this very day, its the same. I can feel when others are having a bad day; This really helps because i have two small children who have just started school. Most of the time i can tell when a person is lying, The best is being able to judge a book by its cover. But lately its like i get feelings about people even when im alone. Its like im being told things about others but i cant hear; then i walk around like im missing something or forgetting. It's not until something happens that the two click. And the more i realize it the more i feel impatient like im ignoring my purpose.

    thanks to everyone i feel one step closer. Thanks for all the helpful information!

    P.s Lately ive been feeling a pouring of energy from the top of my head, If anyone has experienced the same or can help please i would love to hear.

    again thanks,


  • Thank you! Yes, I wrote it.

  • Is the energy pouring in or out? Do you feel drained or energized when this happens?

  • That's great krazkatie. I am actually taking my second poetry class right now and it is like, you posted this at just the right time to help my mind start cooking. I need to write some poetry but it has been awhile so I have had a bit of trouble, but you posted at a perfect time 😃

    Friedfish, I have always been the same about sad movies too. I will cry ridiculously if it is sad but I have been like that since I was young and no one in my family ever gave me a hard time about it so I really minded. I bounced back pretty quickly afterwards. When I was having a tough time in my life I was trying to shut myself out to anything and everyone sad but I have learned that you have to balance the sadness with the happiness. This life is one balancing act. All the emotions that wash over you when interacting with others can leave as quickly as they came if we aide them to. I have never liked to judge a book by it's cover just because it has happened to me so many times with other people. I feel as though I am a great judge of character, I can normally tell who I will vibe with and who I won't shortly after meeting, but I like to keep an open mind. Every once in awhile I have had someone I disliked or got a bad feel from and something happened that helped me to feel their pain or point of view, a rare point of connection and everything I thought before will have melted away. But I believe strongly in following your intuition while dealing with others because in some instances it can even save your life.

    As for how you have been feeling lost, perhaps it is because of how many different feelings you are experiencing at once. If you can't shut it out, try and put yourself in a position where you can talk to others and just listen. Experience the feelings you get from hearing their stories, process them however is best for you, and connect with the fact that this person is talking about their own issues and not yours. It is great to be empathetic and to feel for others, even strangers, especially in hard times, but for our own well being sometimes we have to disconnect. Stay in tune of our inner feelings but seperate those with the feelings of others. If you don't it can start to feel confusing, jumbled, hazy. At least in my experience. You may just need a way to express these emotions, release them from you, and tell them they are no longer yours to feel. I have never experienced these other feelings that you mentioned but hopefully someone else has some insight into it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes, all the above.Im realizing everyday how the universe is one giant ball of energy. And every little thing we do causes a ripple effect. Which means one way or another its going to come back to you. so what ever we put out there good or bad it will return.I've always tried my best to treat people one way, and that's the way i would want to be treated. I can do nothing but understand what others go through, And just maybe thats the reason i had to go through so many horrible experiences myself; just so that i can learn to empathize.Because after every struggle there's that point we all can think,"I MADE IT THROUGH". It was a lesson. Honestly I had no one to give me a problem; about anything, I feel that i basically raised myself and my siblings who aren't that much younger then me. It's just that drugs took over the lives of my parents. they were just empty shells making it possible for me to take care of the younger ones. I missed my whole child hood. and you would think a child would grow up with hate in their hearts. I didn't!! I can feel the energy in everything, the beauty in everything! And if i really concentrate i can see the energy like colors. I feel all of that and yet i feel this major sadness.

    But thank you universalharmony, you helped me to see a lot of the confusion inside me is from keeping it to myself, (that's because the people around me are non believers in anything they cant see or touch.) When all i really need is hope and faith! Because i believe in everything. I do think i can judge a persons character but i tend to only make a mental note and move on because everyone deserves a chance to prove me wrong.( i rather be wrong then right!) Besides it takes too much energy to distrust anyone. I will definitely try to center myself more so that i can seperate between the two. The thing im not understanding is why suddenly

    is all of this coming to light? Is it new or have i been ignoring it this whole time? the energy i feel at the top of my head; it pours out. a warm tingling sensation that last about 20 seconds that's often followed by chill in my spine. I also associate dreaming about teeth falling out with death. the only time it happens is when someone dies within a weeks time. and the serverity of the blood and the waythey fall out depends on how close they were to me. loose teeth means bad health are accident but they live. Does this happen to anyone eles?

    Thanks for all the imput.

    Much love and happiness! FF

  • Coffeegem, About judging a book by its cover, It couldnt have been said any better.

  • Coffegem, it is funny that our experiences can be so similar yet so different. We have people who come to us, who feel safe with us, and yet they probably tell us all kinds of things and may be different kinds of people. We all put out different kinds of energy but it is great to see when other people our drawn to ours. And yes, I think it is confusing and hard when you can't distinguish your own from others. Very tough. I completely understand what you say about judging a book by its cover, I suppose it is just a phrase I can't stand lol. But I totally see where you stand. Because you are right, I have been in that position before. Especially if it is someone's family member or a really close friend. It is not comfortable saying, listen, I don't think they have good intentions, or they just lied, they are not going to do that. And the person does not want to believe you and as a result they end up getting hurt. We just have to realize we did our best to try and help and from there everyone can only follow their own intuition. It is good that you do deep breathing exercises. I am currently trying to pick up meditation. It is hard to get into a regular routine. It sounds like you are on the right path to controlling your emotional freedom. While it is nice to tune in when you need to, to help others or yourself, it is great. But it is nice to turn it off too and it looks like you are working towards that. I am as well and it is hard. But we just need to continue support ourselves and each other in these and new kinds of ways.

    Friedfish, you are welcome. Everything you said about your past makes so much sense. You were put in a position where you constantly had to use your intuition because your parents would not. Not only would they not, they were not capable of it. You had your mothers intuition kick in young to keep your family and yourself safe. And it only makes sense or else how else would you have survived without it as a child taking care of children? That is so tough, I can not imagine the emotional toll it takes on you. But I can feel that you have a huge heart, you have put others needs before yours for so long. Now that you are beginning to take time for yourself, you don't know how to decipher all those waves of intuition and worry and caring that have been crashing over your body and mind for most of your life. Maybe this warm sensation you are feeling is your inner light coursing through your body? Maybe since you feel more open and receptive to yourself it is like it is healing you. It is not unpleasant is it? How does it make you feel mentally? And about that dream about the teeth falling out, in my psychology class I learned that that is a common dream. Almost like part of the collective unconscious. Many people have that dream at many points in their life. It can signify a future loss in some cultures or in your context, but it also can symbolize fear of our shortcomings. Especially involving looks and self image and feelings towards others or how they view you. Some say it can even mean money coming like the tooth fairy. You will just have to think about how it pertains to your life, if you have any current fears, if anyone you know is sick, or if maybe you are due some money. Either way, don't get too scared until you start to apply this dream to your life and its current happenings.

    Universal Harmony

  • New member looking for someone to help with some insight regarding demonic spirits that seem to surround me. They do not bother me and except for glimpses I woulnt even know they were there if it wernt for them being in every photo that I take or is taken of me. And the constant aching pain in my back. Is this strange how I described or can anyone relate?

  • Universal Harmony, Thank you; I appreciate the way you reflected what i have said, It helped me to see it another way. (not that i was meant to suffer.) But it being my special gift given by the all mighty himself. I was always meant to be there for others!! It does take a toll emotionally because i do understand that i need to be taken care of too. I just need to tell myself it is..o.k. to do for me too.

    I guess you are right! It can be my inner light healing me because it is when i stop to clear my mind, ( i just recently started doing this to relax myself) sometimes i tend to get over whelmed and tense up like a knot.(Too many emotions at once.) Once im clear,i feel the rushing energy. now that i think about it maybe this is this reason im capable of putting others before me over and over again, because it is almost like it erases the resentment ,the anger the sorrow. I surrender to my life purpose. I am so glad there are people out there like you who help others; because even something so small as to listening could mean the world to some body. I know i needed it!!

    Thanks again!!! FF

  • Awww, thanks friedfish =). Sometimes you just need an outside perspective to help you view your own situation. I can relate to you in many ways, feeling like I put others before myself for a long time. After my father passed away (I was 10) my mother was very depressed for awhile and I had to do a lot of things and offer a lot of support to my family in many ways. Ways that are hard when you are young. People came to me to talk about close, personal things when I was young and before this happened, but after, so many more people began to do it. I had one incident when I was 12 and I was in the chorus group at my school. We practiced and I became very emotional and had to sit out. After class, I cried a bit. My teacher asked what was wrong and I told him I was thinking of my father. He knew what happened and proceeded to tell me about his mother. He began to literally sob talking to me about this. I was a child and he was an adult, but he felt so comfortable to tell me things about his mother I would have never thought. Since things like this have happened to me my whole life, it is hard to put yourself above others when you are always concered about them. But you are learning. I am learning. It is great to have others to talk to about it. I have so much more to learn and I have to grow so much more. This board has really been helping though.

  • Yes it has universal harmony, Everything happens for a reason, we stumble upon things and certain people to help us find that help, when we might not have found it any other way. Thanks so much. Take care. keep spreading the love and happiness! Always GOD bless. FF

  • Synchrosity, FF, is the word of the year lol =). Thanks!

    I just wanted to let you ladies know that I just was invited to an Intuitive Tarot class, it is free online. I don't know what her class limit is and such, but it is great for women (or men) like us because it helps you get into your intuition. And honing your intuition may help us all decipher which feelings are our own and which are other peoples. You need a deck of tarot cards and a journal/notebook. It involves writing your readings down, your dreams, and learning guided meditation. If you are interested, let me know, I would love to have a classmate from these boards.

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