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    Please help! My initials are CMW (DOB Nov 8, 1963), my live-in partner is CLJ (DOB June 10, 1965). I am aware that he 'innocently' flirts with other women occasionally, as a way to boost his ego, but there is one particular female, name Carmen D. (DOB April 1, 1962) that I would like to know if he is making plans to move out from our joint home into his own place and then arrange to get together with her in the near future, ultimately leaving me for her? She lives in FL.

    Please help me plan / prepare / protect myself from the possibility of such.

    Love & Light,


  • Your partner, though he may usually keep up a happy front, suffers from crippling bouts of insecurity and self-doubt and his way of coping with the fear of not being attractive is to flirt with other women. He needs to confront his fears rather than distracting himself with flirtations. But he is unwilling to acknowledge his insecurities to others because it would mean admitting them to himself. He would rather run, hide or lose himself in either the confident persona he has created or in sex, passion or violence. But if he faced his inner demons and acknowledged them, he would find a sense of contentment and inner peace. Unfortunately he does have this tendency to have more than one love interest hanging around, but for the sake of his own happiness, he needs to learn to make up his mind and commit to one special person. You should tell him this in no uncertain terms. You must teach him to develop a more serious attitude to love. This can be a good match between you, but it also can bring out both your shadow sides (your own suspicions and fears) which must be faced down and dealt with.

    I feel this is a novelty and casual flirtation with this other woman and that if your partner had to actually see her all the time (like ina proper relationship), he would grow tired of her.

  • Hello dearest TheCaptain! I appreciate your reply and it is very insightful and on point! I dabble a great deal in astrology myself and i do recognize that we have the potential to be a great match and have been; though we do create a heavy Plutonic composition chart (8th house) but it has been very instrumental in creating a good deal of change/transformation in us as individuals and as a couple. it is an on-going experience i must say; luckily we are BOTH Plutonic in nature; me a Scorpio Sun and 8th House Moon; him with a Scorpio Moon and an 8th house Pluto & Mars!!! So yeah, can truly appreciate what you have said. Thank you so much for it! I know that I need to address it and have in times past with other minor situations that we have experienced. I just am beginning to feel that it may be a chronic issue with him.

    I would appreciate any suggestions, recommendations, advice as to how I could approach this. Any creative ideas lol!! His being a Gemini Sun AND Mercury with Pluto Square then both makes it a challenge trying to approach him with difficult subject matter; especially when it involves a short-coming of his (a result of the severe insecurity of his).

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  • You need to stick to objective intellectual reasoning with him and keep emotion and shame, blame etc. out of the conversation.

  • @thecaptain Great advice!! "Intellect & Reasoning" two Geminian tenets for sure!! A tall task, no doubt, for something so emotional, heartfelt and Scorpionic but one that I'm certain with consciousness / self-awareness I should be able to pull off!

    Thanks so much TheCaptain!!


  • Good luck!

  • @thecaptain Thank you!! ❤

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