Reading maybe?

  • Could I get a reading done for free. New here and not sure how this works really.

  • @ja101 date of birth please! 😊

  • September 29

  • 24.03.1991
    Can i have 1 aswel

  • @ja101 hello dear! I am getting birthday wishes from Spirit right off the bat! Moving forward, I am seeing a dirt road with an old car driving down it ending up at a crossroads. I interpret this as meaning that you are at a moment in life where you are left with a decision to make (the crossroads) but you are afraid of moving from life the way you are used to having it , almost as if you are “stuck in your old ways” (old car) . Did you get a new job opportunity that you feel nervous about? “Have no fear” I’m hearing, it will all go well! I am now seeing an old big blue farm house . Does this mean anything to you? Perhaps you are moving from a small town to a bigger city, leaving family members behind in the process? I feel a presence of an older female around you and see a picture of lavender flowers in my head but heard lilacs! Does this sound familiar to you as well? I hope this reading is what you were needing to hear, let me know if it was and if you have any questions ! Love and light xx

  • @meme hello dear! I did give you a reading before, it just got lost in that big thread of mine , so sorry! Here’s what I wrote to you :
    The first thing I am seeing is “new beginnings “ in bold letters! To me, this means you will be starting a new chapter in your life , change is coming. You may be feeling more stress in this time and a bit of fear of the changes happening , but this moment will pass and things will work out the way they should! Are you by chance coming to Europe soon or did you travel here this summer? Or perhaps you are European? I’m seeing the European Union flag for some reason! I also see a futbol (soccer ball) and am wondering if this has some significance to you , perhaps you play or a loved one does/did? Im also seeing that the future for you will be very calm and not stressful , but peaceful , be prepared to let out a huge sigh of relief! When I think of your romantic life I see a bouquet of roses, I feel this means you are in a very good relationship with someone currently or will be very soon ! I hope this reading is what you needed to hear , let me know if it was, and if you have any more questions for me let me know! Love and light xx

  • @meme i tried to see as well if there is anything else I can get for you , but I get a feeling that you closed yourself off to the world recently , as if you lost trust of those around you. I just see dark around me , are you feeling really down? I have a message for you from Spirit : “do not give up” . This moment of darkness is difficult , but temporary. I imagine you are feeling lots of pain in your head recently , is it a health related pain or from the stress? Thinking about your future , I see a field of buttercups (little yellow flowers) and I feel warm and happy , maybe you can try to feel this warm by planting some yellow flowers (if you haven’t already ) or going somewhere in nature to meditate and reconnect with yourself ! The last message I am getting for you is interesting, it is the words “don’t turn back” . Whatever plan you have to move forward or new idea you have, go for it and don’t change your mind , perhaps you are planning on moving as well, this message may be a sign for you to make that move , now is the time for the change , for the “new beginnings” I mentioned in your original reading! I hope this message reaches you this time and that it is what you needed to hear , let me know if it is and if you have any more questions . Love and light xx

  • 30/3/2000 please do.

  • @siarbitu hello dear! The first thing I am seeing is yellow tulips , do these flower mean anything to you? Perhaps they remind you of a loved one? I am also hearing “you are young , there is no hurry to rush into life!”, perhaps you feel as though you need to have someone at this moment in your life because everyone around you has someone , but there is a good reason if you don’t have a romantic partner yet: life has another plan for you, and now is not the time to focus on love, but to focus on you future education. I get the feeling you live in a small town, and that you have dreams of moving away to see what life is like outside of it , like a bird being freed from a cage, you are just ready to break free and fly away. “Have patience” I hear. You will have this opportunity. I am seeing a hospital , are you interested in working in a hospital as a nurse or doctor , or, (I really hope not) is there someone you care about in the hospital or recently there? I also see many different pictures of natural places in the woods and rivers, it may be a sign to go out into nature and take a moment to just relax and breathe if you have recently been feeling overwhelmed! I hope this reading was what you were looking for, let me know if it was and if you have any questions as well!
    Love and light xx

  • @jodomi could u tell me anything


  • @meme said in Reading maybe?:

    @jodomi could u tell me anything


  • @meme what is it you would like to know ? Xx am I right that you have been dealing with a very dark period in your life , as well as everything else?

  • Yes
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