Looking for advice about my soul sister

  • My sister and I have lived thousands of miles away from each other for 7 years now. She moved away from my home state for a multitude of reasons, but mostly because of trauma and lack of money. We've recently been talking about her moving back here to live closer to eachother. There's almost no support from friends or family where she lives now and she often talks about feeling lonely. I feel like this move is already manifesting, with time being the only thing standing in our way. She's excited to live closer to me, but has some fear surrounding the trauma that happened here and making enough money to support herself. I admit that these are both very real problems. I also believe we can find a way around both of these issues but she could use a little more reassuring. Can anyone see any advice for either of us? Is this move going to be a positive experience in both of our lives? Any insight or advice is greatly appreciated ☺

  • @uniquelyaquarius I love you sis. This is great. Can't wait to see a reply

  • @uniquelyaquarius it depends on whether or not your sister is ready (and strong enough) to face the past and work through old trauma.

  • @thecaptain you're right. She's definitely strong enough, but time will tell if she's ready. I guess I was hoping there might be a little more in depth insight on the future. Thank you

  • You and your sister can create your own future by your choices and decisions - it is not created for you by some random act of fate.

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