Blmoon! :)

  • Hello Blmoon,

    I was wondering if you could possibly give me reading ? I have been feeling down and confused lately and am wondering how to get out of this rut! Love and light xx
    Jodomi (birthday is 9/9/1994 in case you need!)

  • don't need your birth date but found it interesting....all the nines! I pick up that you are either driven more than most to seek change or you may just attract a lot of challenges that force change on you. It's late and I'm about to sign off but can give you some quick insight to this current energy you are feeling. When you do readings for others you are using energy as well as absorbing. It is necessary to know when to take a rest and also despite any need to know when not to connect. When you connect to others you are absorbing others stuff. Take a break and recharge yourself by doing the things that fill your spirit. You will always feel a tug from other's needs so you must over ride that and use your head as well to choose how much you can afford to give. Recognize the signs when you are depleted. BLESSINGS!

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  • @blmoon thank you ! I could see how that is part of the problem! Is there any messages from Spirit for me (when you get the time of course!) I have been feeling like everything I do lately is a mess up and feel like giving up and am wondering if the place I am in now is in fact the right place or not.

  • @jodomi
    I am about to take a break. Need recharge myself. As I said before you need to take a break. As far as messing up. PERSPECTIVE is everything. You can't control what comes at you. You can only control your perspective. Negative self doubt hits us all. Be aware of your energy and take action to change it. My favorite saying is a GODDESS who draws a shitty hand....grows roses! If you are not a gardener it means the sweetest smelling roses are fertilized often with manure. It is in your best spiritual interest to be able to find the possible plus in any disappointment. How can you make an uncomfortable situation work for you? Allow yourself your immediate emotions to have their say but then let them go and engage your head. You absorb too much and it creates a barrier for hearing Spirit clearly. Emotions can really block guidance. Pulling cards even becomes hard when emotions are high. Fears really cloud intuition. I pick up you are all over the place right now with focus. You are young and impatient for many goals at once. Love, money, job etc. Love is big right now but is a distraction bigger than your energy can spare. Focus should be on your healing. Being in personal power FIRST will solve the other problems. All unwanted situations should be approached as a lesson. An OPPORTUNITY to address something hidden. A true GODDESS is never a victim! She makes a bad situation work for her. At your age you are at the beginning of your growth learning healing path so it will seem like nothing is going right! I get your love life is your big focus right now. I feel you have a thing for those free spirit types. Slippery fishes! They can be real heart breakers if you desire to catch them for keeping. They are true in the moment and do not mean to deceive but the moment changes for them. When you are with one it is REAL and you believe it is lasting but once they swim off they live in their moment somewhere else. Leaving you wondering what happened, what did you do wrong? NO it's not you, it's them being them. In that reality you are not their just lied to yourself about who they are. I hope I gave you enough to start changing your perspective. I'm low on energy and must stop. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon thank you for your advice, I will try to restore myself ! You are right.

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