Looking for a love reading

  • Hello all ! I am interested in knowing if I’m going to finally be in the right place in my life for love, if I have met the one for me already , or am I meant to be alone until much later in life? Birthday is 9/9/1994 if needed !Thank you love and light xx

  • @jodomi, what is the birthdate of your current love interest?

  • @thecaptain 6 of March 1992

  • @jodomi this relationship can work out very well for marriage. Though you are opposites, the relationship can generate tremendous creative energy, being capable of expansive thinking, innovation and reaching for lofty goals. You Jodomi can supply the practical planning of life, while your partner fills the relationship with sensitivity and imagination. But the two of you can tend to get lost in each other. There are so many mysteries in your hidden personalities that you can become obsessed with personal exploration, losing contact with everyday realities. A love affair between you can be deep and emotional. There is a real danger however of you both losing your personal identity and merging in an all-absorbing relationship that takes up every bit of your energy. Neither of you must allow your true persona and individuality to dissolve away here. And you must stay in touch with the real world. Marriage is likely to be more objective than your love affair, and more conducive to individual personal growth.

  • @thecaptain funny you mentioned marriage because I dreamed about us getting married right after I met him , and it was strange to me because I had never had that dream before and was wondering if it was a premonition of a sort as I tend to have premonition dreams. I suppose we will see what happens next, I’m not very known to have luck in the love department! Thank you for your reading , love and light xx

  • August 29,1967

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