What do these cards mean??

  • Hi everyone!! I recently began reading a different tarrot deck to what I am used to, I did a spread which has 3 cards for each season including the present) and although it gave accurate feedback for present fall and winter, I’m wanting to know what the spring one meant?? I got
    Ace of wands (reversed), Strength reversed, 5 of swords, ace of swords, and 10 of swords reversed.
    Someone told me that this is also a massive indication of death of a partner or yourself ?? Is this true? Please help!!
    Thankyou 🙃

  • @gracelovestarot
    Who ever told you that was not very responsible or kind! No spiritual messenger would deliver such a harsh message. It would serve no healing purpose. Getting used to new cards is like getting to know a new person. I am a psychic medium with a basic knowledge of Tarot and I can often read tarot spreads psychically. I do use other cards that are not Tarot and all my decks have different feels and are better for certain situations. They each have a different feel in my hands. Since these are new cards to you the pull may have been off just because of uncertainty. Or you were over anxious when you asked or looking too much outside yourself for answers when spirit is encouraging you to go within. I do not feel any ominous prediction off this pull. Since you are feeling rattled by this it's best to not force another pull until you are not desperate for answers. Also, when you do decide to pull another read go back to the deck you were comfortable with. Also, rethink sharing your card pulls with anyone who would suggest such a horrible outcome. BLESSINGS!

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  • @blmoon I did think that death of a loved one was a bit far fetched but come to think of it there were a lot of negitive things happening in people’s lives when I did that reading so maybe that’s what it was picking up on? But also since looking into it more it seems more likely that it’s sybolising the end of a business or work , either way thankyou for your insight xx

  • @gracelovestarot Dear Grace! Do you know that Ace of Wands depicts the start of Spring?! Ace of Wands Reversed therefore is the later half of spring.

    And The Ace of Swords is the start of the Fall!

    So, These cards tell you How the period between The later half of spring and the start of the next fall would go! And the last card 10 of Swords Reversed then tells you Rejuvenation clearly!!

    So -- From the later half of spring(Ace of Wands Reversed), you will lose some energy(Strength Reversed) arguing with someone close to you (5 of Swords), and you will be more disheartened as the other person may win over you. (This is clear from the fact that Strength reversed which is you losing energy, is facing the 5 of Swords which is the other person standing strong and upright facing you in turn)

    This will keep you upset till the beginning of the next fall (Ace of Swords) but as the fall comes along, you will be highly rejuvenated!! (10 of Swords Reversed)

    Hence, this period will be a period of some heartbreak and loss of energy but now that you already know about it, as your cards tried to show you eagerly, you can turn that around by being cautious as to not let that happen and if in case it still happens and you feel low, you can plan your escape in advance and you'll know what to do when it happens!!

    May this take of mine on your cards help you save your happiness and energy!! All the best!

    Look through the cards again and you'll understand now!! ♥

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