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  • Not sure what title this should go under or if this is even be asked or told. If not please let me know and I'll delete it. But here goes.
    Growing up I wasn't close to my parents, and as my teenage years approached grew further. They worked all the time and it wasn't until later in life that it occurred. And I'm looking back and could kick myself. They are the most amazing people I should have gotten to know better. And now with my dad I can but two years ago I lost my mom whom I considered my best friend as well. It was sudden and she was alone when it happen. Can you or anyone tell me if its her that's around me at times? Is she mas at me because i wasnt there? Is she proud of me and what I've done ? They said it was due to a health problem that she passed away. My mom didn't suffer did she? I cry a lot because she is gone. I miss her so much. Thank you in advance for helping with this.

  • @aries-in-texas so sorry for your loss 😞 I know how it feels to lose someone . Do you know if her favorite flowers were roses ? I’m seeing a bouquet of roses and little white flowers. I’m also feeling pain in my right side of my head , perhaps she experienced pain here or you do currently? And do the names Lynn or Delilah have any significance in your life ? I hear “don’t worry it’s okay” , know that she isn’t mad and understands and she doesn’t want you to feel guilty . She is always around and may show you a sign that she is around when you hear a song that reminds you of her , know that she wanted you to hear that song in that moment. I know this pain of losing someone all too well, now is the time to become closer with your father , he is also experiencing your pain and you need each other at this time . I hope this answers some of your questions . Light and love x

  • Thank you that gives me some comfort. Her and I both suffer from migraine headaches and I'm not sure if she had one the day passed or not she was alone and again sudden. She loved yellow roses has one tattooed on her ankle and favorite color is red. She also loved carnations mine are sunflowers and Daisy's. As fara the names I may have heard them growing up just can't remember right this minute. So she's OK? Is she with these two people ? There was something that happened since the day she passed I had been trying to find her one of her Best friends and I couldn't well finally did so I could tell her and she told me she had been thinking about my mom pretty intensely that day and I found her.

  • @aries-in-texas she is good now and the pain she felt while alive is gone! I would do some research on your mother’s family to see if maybe they are relatives from the other side trying to contact you through Spirit or not! I keep seeing a clock , have you been noticing that when you look at the clock it’s always a certain time ?

  • I'm going to ask my aunt about the names and I'll definitely update you as I am curious too. And honestly I've never really paid that much attention to the clock as far as certain time goes. What would that mean? My mom had a triple bypass and she had had 4 back surgeries and is that the pain? You have no idea how much you are helping me right now. In so glad that I am here. Thank you

  • @aries-in-texas sometimes when you look at the clock and you see double numbers it means someone is trying to let you know they are there! Your mom must want you to start paying attention to the time now! So next you look at the clock and the numbers are all the same (like 2:22 or 11:11) that is from you mom sending her love! Yes, all of the pain she has had would be gone on the side! I have a pain in the right side of my stomach now , is this another area she may have had pain while living?

  • She had her gall bladder out many years ago and after total hysterectomy after brothers born. I had one as well and they took my right ovary. My aunt just said as far as she knows there isn't those names on mommas side and the names are also not on daddy's side. Now my grandad remarried and maybe they would be on my step grands ma's side but I only know two on that part and she's since passed on and her son I have no idea where he is. When step grandma passed he just disappeared. Both sets of grandparents have passed on. So I can't really ask them.

  • @aries-in-texas it’s possible she is with them and they are also trying to get in contact with you then! I’m sorry for all of your losses 😞 and your struggles in life , i do see the heartache you feel from all of it 😞 !

  • @jodomi I'm just seeing this, and I'm very sorry for the late reply. I wasn't real close to my moms dad as I just met him when I was 16 (I think) and didn't spend much time with him before his passing. I was close to my dads parents spent every summer with them. My moms mom was super close to her as she would watch my daughter when she was young. I'm so glad that my daughter got to grow up with amazing people. They were extremely artistic and musically inclined. I've recently found that I am too. Just wish they could have seen it. Thank you all so much for taking the time to help me with this.

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