Ten of Pentacles as Love Advice?

  • I just pulled a single card last night, using the Rider Waite deck for advice in regard to a love interest, and i got the ten of pentacles. I was confused at first, as i just don't know what it could be telling me to do. the love interest in question works on the same street i live on; if i sit on my back porch during a certain time of the morning, I'll be able to see her, as i've done before. there was a little 'banter' going on between me and her a couple months ago, as i was flirting with her as she would drive to, and from work trying to get her attention. she reciprocated, but we kept missing each other. before i did the reading, I was thinking to myself "should i sit on my back porch so she could see me going to work"? as she would be able to see me through the white picket fence. as i look at the ten of pentacles, i see a man, and a woman staring at each other, but closer observation seems as though they're passing each other. i started thinking maybe its telling me to do just that? because couple in the ten of pents do look like they could be flirting with each other.

    I would appreciate everybody's input. Thanks

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