My husband cheated

  • Well I've been married for a while now and and my husband cheated on me I know he did he knows he did he also know that I know but what im wanting is for him to tell me I sent know why I just do. And is he still cheating ? Is going to continue cheating or will he ever tell the truth? I DONT know that my heart can take anymore. What can I do to either make him confess without actually making him do it? I hope this makes sense.

  • Hi aries,
    first, I am sorry about what happened. this is certainly very hard, stay strong darling..

    Second, in my opinion... your hsb will never confess (except if he decide to leave), why would he do that? Sometimes they need status quo so that nothing changed. Its up to you, not him. What do you want in your marriage?

    I feel you aries, i'm also dealing with unfaithful husband so i know how hard it is for you. Stay strong..

  • Hi I'm in Texas also. I've been there and even if they confess it usually feels generic or justified, which is not a true apology. When is his birthday

  • @mmoon hi he's a virgo. The 29. If I can ask what part of Texas are you in?

  • @anne I'm trying to stay strong i really am. But every time I look at him I get mad and sick at my stomach all over again then I remember that I love him. I'm all over the place with emotions. I want the man I met when we started dating. I want my heart to not hurt anymore. I want so bad to let it go but I can't. And I dont know why.

  • You need to know if this marriage can be saved. You must sit him down, say you know he is a cheater and discuss why he cheats and what in the marriage needs to be fixed - or else you just go your separate ways. But you cannot put up with things as they are.

  • @thecaptain your absolutely correct. I love him and want it to work but I hate him too . is that normal?

  • @aries-in-texas - yes, you love the man but hate what he did.

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