Please help interpret my celtic cross reading

  • Hello,
    I did a reading for myself today.
    I'm a little perplexed on how to interpret it.
    As you can see there are many major arcana cards
    I would greatly appreciate hearing anyone's input
    Cards 1 the fool
    Card 2 the 7 of wands
    Card3 the devil
    Card 4 death
    Card 5 the 5 of cups
    Card 6 the moon
    Card 7 the empress
    Card 8 strength
    Card 9 king of swords reversed
    Card 10 the world

  • @katie what question did you ask
    for your reading, and what kind of card style did you pick?

  • @tuliplilly
    Hello tuliplilly
    Thank you for having a look at my reading.
    I used the Ryder-Waite tarot deck.
    My question was pretty general.
    I asked what should I be aware of now and in the future. (Next 6 months)
    I was thinking of health, money, and family.
    I've asked this question many times when doing readings for myself, but have never seen a reading with so many major arcana.
    I should mention that both the devil and death came up in my last reading last year.
    Thank you for any advice you can give

  • @katie said in Please help interpret my celtic cross reading:

    Cards 1 the fool - a Student, being carefree and free spirited... a sense of new adventures on the way .. being aware of what is around you at this time .... be cautious has you move ahead ...
    Card 2 the 7 of wands- can speak of needing to stand up for self
    Card3 the devil- Chained to the past ... repeated patterns, old habits
    Card 4 death- endings through transformations ....
    Card 5 the 5 of cups Don't worry re the spilled milk.... look at what has not spilled over .. what is positive within the situation
    Card 6 the moon - looks at cycles, emotions, dreams one may have, reflection, enemies that lie within self ...
    Card 7 the empress- Fertility, Motherhood, bounty and abundance
    Card 8 strength- Determination through courage ....Endurance, stamina ...not always brute force but gently does it ...
    Card 9 king of swords reversed- A block to accept his advice to that may create from ideas, thoughts and plans .... Maybe you feel as though you are unable to communicate clearly your ideas.... thoughts, plans ....
    Card 10 the world Endings, farewell, maybe being rewarded for ending of a cycle ... Completion .... A sense of wholeness,,,,

    Without knowing your thoughts when you laid out these cards ... These are keywords .... some keywords that give a very small indication of what the cards mean ....

    that with contemplation, reflection you may find some clarity ....

  • @hekatesxing
    Thank you so very much for your insight and the time it took for you to help me with this.
    I truly appreciate both 😊

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