I'm in love with someone who doesn't love me back

  • It's been the hardest for me to realize that I will not have any future or make any progress with this person that I gave my all and didn't get back anything from. Part of it was my fault cos I was never given any false promises but part of it didn't want me to believe that I can make him change his decision and be the one for him. He comes with excess baggage of a pending divorce still not settled. But somewhere because of his past and situation have made him treat women as someone to satisfy his needs as and when he pleases and nothing more. Having said all of that he's not someone who's not easy to love. And I just fell head over heels and now having a hard time moving on.

  • You will be unable to move on as long as you cling to the fantasy of the situation. Reality is tough but you are cheating yourself out of finding a compatible partner by holding onto a dream. You deserve to treat yourself better. Move on by getting absorbed in finding a new companion.

  • @mink1976 omg I have the EXACT same situation as you.this sux.we gotta hold it together sister. Our Prince charmings have turned back into frogs and our coach back into a damn pumpkin.square one honey. Sad as it is we served some sick purpose for a minute .time wasted on someone that makes you feel foolish for loving them.thats why we feel like crap.love is real somewhere and we gonna have it but we gotta be able to tell the difference between love and hope it'll get better kinda love.the 2nd is our own expectations. We control how long we put our poor hearts thru it. I chose to ignore the lame treatment in hopes tomorrow would be the day it paid off and buffed on out and love would be in the air..hell I got my hands in the air saying what the hell just happened? Lol .my mama Dixon use to say gina,don't ever tell a new love everything. They don't need to know how much of a victim you were to crappy treatment of a former partner..they will know they can take it to that point at least if they got a mind to cause they know how much you took before..off the subject,but damn good advice really..it be good if we could ignore the fools until the love fades on out cause there ain't no future in horse shit or id be the richest heffer in town..keep your head.dont take no crap .I ain't ever lost a man worth keepin..and you ain't either lady.believe in yourself.you gonna need your own self to get back up and start again ..another man won't help btw. It's just a bandaid for an old wound..let it die and let it heal
    .single rocks.! If it don't now, it will shortly.💃🙋🙅👣💘

  • His mind is on his divorce-he's not thinking about your or anyone else right. Most divorces are nasty, with both feeling hurt by the other. Some what to 'show them what they really want'. I've been there, gone thru that.
    If you still have feelings for him, hang in there. He may change.
    I'm involved with a woman who has been "crapped on by every man" she ever known. Then I enter the picture. I show her kindness-which surprised her, I listen to her when she needs someone to vent to. I offer advice ONLY under the condition as 'on the outside looking in.' Her and I spend more and more time together. She calls me when she's troubled by something-we'll talk for hours.

    Bottom line-try to be his friend first. Love will arrive-but on loves time.

    Good luck.

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