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  • Astrology is semi new to me or really, I just don't fully understand it..something like

    Anyway, I read alot of these posts and many do make sense to me and many are right on (been reading on Gemini people)...but for some reason, I always wonder what the person looks like.

    In other words, not all Aries are good looking does that have any affect on any of this? I hope I make sense. If you have 2 Aries people and one is better looking than the other, will the Gemini(or any) have a different result with each??? I mean do looks matter in any of this????

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  • It is a funny question.

    Peoples looks are shaped by facial expressions, how they feel. What they say and how they say comes from emotions aswell. How we walk and behave all comes from our feelings. So a pretty girl mith look a twirp just because she is feeling stupid and has low self asteem. The impression of the looks comes from the inside of the person. That is why the question is funny.

    People who are seen as less good looking, are just often shaped by how they feel aswell. Even if they behave with self asteem etc. If a person has a good inside, then the outside shows as a good looking person. It is even comfortable looking at a person who is healed. Even if the person before was seen as less good looking.

  • The signs explain us on an emotional level. How we look are shaped from our emotions. So the question was funny to me.

  • How we feel hide often disrups our looks. When we are filled with joy and beauty, when we are healed on an emotional level, then everything changes in how we behave in every level. How we move our body, how we talk and how we smile even is different when it comes from a healed soul.

    I am sorry for offending you. I didnt mean to do that. I just see it differently than you.

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  • I dont understand astrology much myself. I like the numerology. Although I dont know why this is so good, I just simply like what it says about me, how the numerology reports put things in order for me. I dont know why it feels so correct. I just like it. But I am not into those things all that much. I like the religious way of explaining things. Any religion even.Although I have seen that the numerology reports and the tarot philosophy teaches about how us humans are in a wonderful way. Through this forum I have seen for the first time that even the astrology way of putting things do make sense. I just take everything I like, and discard what I dont like. I dont believe in bad predictions, for instance. I rather believe in surrendering it all to God and let God do the job. In that way I also feel my own responsibility in a more relaxed and calm perspective. With more trust that everything will turn out the right way. And it helps the results aswell, not only my emotional state. I feel fine and it makes things turn out fine aswell.

    I always give this link to people: and this one:

    Just relax and dont think so much. I mean by that: Dont worry. In reality there is nothing to worry about, since that is like praying for something bad to happen. As Jesus said: It will happen according to your faith. It is frightening, but this really is true. And sad that is, since we often believe so badly about ourselves. I have worked my whole life with rebuilding my self asteem, that was mistakedly very low and very bad since I was 13. I created traumatic experiences for myself, just to prove that I was worth nothing. I was my own worst enemy. Now I am 31 and relaxed. At peace with myself.

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