Attracted to younger women, am I destined to be alone

  • I am attracted to younger women, but have yet to find any women that has much interest in me. Starting to feel i may spend the restof my life single and unhappy

  • You are attracted to young women because you have a youthful spirit. But you might have greater success looking for someone your own age with an equally vibrant attitude.

  • @Cancerrecovered
    I wanted to say that I am a Sagittarius and I am dating a Cancer man. And he is older then me, and we get along great together. Now, I am not sure how old you are, and what age in a woman your looking for. But it is possible to date someone younger, but they have to be mature enough and a little older to appreciate the maturity of the relationship. I have always dated older men, so those younger woman are out there. Good luck to you, in your search.

  • @tuliplilly I'm a Pisces woman with Aquarius man he's older than me about 15 years old he left me for find his soul his ex left him she's a Virgo and he loved her he attracted to me but she still there in his heart I'm giving him his time I'm waiting for him to comeback he also have money issues I'm trying to help him and he also have to find a home he don't have anything right now he's a writer and I love him so much I believe that he's my soulmate

  • @sally-kamel do not wait for this man to come back to you my dear. He is not your soulmate. Not in the way that you think. He came into your life to teach you about self-respect. You are in a place to transform childhood wounds into healing. This man has his own healing to do and you are not a part of it - please liberate yourself from your emotional attachment to him. I'm not sure how old you are but you have a very innocent, childlike spirit. Nothing wrong with that but you must also flex the muscle of setting boundaries, loving yourself first before others, and learning to listen to the wise voice inside of you instead of just following your emotional heart.

  • @sally-kamel was he not sure about how his relationship ended with this other woman ? I think you shouldn't wait to long for him. You can find someone that will treat you better. Sorry, I hope I do not sound mean. Maybe he was only meant to be in your life a short while, to help you learn a life lesson?

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