Soul mate is looking for me but there are obstacle

  • What are those obstacles I may encounter while my soul mate is looking for me? I believe in fairy tales. What's wrong with that? Know my life will have a happy ending with that someone specially handpicked and crafted just for me. Can u help me out here, plz. Ty

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    For starters, if you believe that your life will only become happy once this person arrives, then you will not attract the relationship you envision. You have to be happy now. Like attracts like. Also, your belief that there is just ONE person "specially handpicked and crafted" for you then that is also faulty thinking. Our lives are governed by several Universal Laws. The suggestion that you have to be happy first and not wait for this person to be happy is part of the Law of Attraction. There is also Free Will. What if this ONE person you think is meant for you died young - a car accident caused by a drunk driver or suicide? Does that mean you will be forced to spend your life ALONE? No. The truth is we have many soul mates in life - and of varying types. Our parents and siblings can be our soul mates...certain friends we connect with right away....a boss. Soul mate relationships can often be difficult as the purpose of these relationships is to TEACH us a soul lesson.
    I feel like your magical thinking is part of a damsel in distress role you have adopted. Waiting for the knight in shining armor to arrive, sweep you onto his gallant steed and magically make life worth living. You most likely attract men who take advantage of you...Don Juan types who play the romantic role to lure you but who are insincere, already married or attached, or just emotionally unavailable men. Do you find yourself becoming too needy and smothering them until they get chased away? You need to incorporate your head instead of just being lead by your heart, Learn to tap into your intuition - it will always alert you if you listen. Be your own knight in shining armor!!

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