Moving to WA and looking for a job

  • Moving to WA with my partner and daughter. New everything. What type of job will I get. My daughter like her surroundings and how will my partner and I do?

  • Hello!
    Are you moving there from a warmer and much sunnier part of the country? And is your daughter in her preteens? She will probably be upset for a while due to moving away from friends as well as a change in weather but eventually she will grow to love it, I keep hearing « give it time, it will all work out! » as for the job, are you currently in an office job? I see a picture of an office and computer . If you or your husband don’t currently have jobs like this, it may be possible you will have a job in an office when you move! Let me know if any of this sounds right for you, I am new to this so I get about fifty percent right ! Love and light!

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