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  • I read the tarot card reading you did for Angela.. Do you think you could try me? My birthday is 1-21-90 his is 11-9-87... We broke up 2 months ago based on needing to figure out his life.. I'm having a hard time letting go. Don't know if I should wait or move foward. Or even what he's thinking. I'm not expecting anything big from you but anything would help ?

  • Hi Xtine, Sure I'll give it a go. I'm going to do the same three card reading as I did for Angela, with the shadow card for a bit of background.

    What has just passed is the 7 of Wands. This suggests that there was some sort of conflict in your parting. Maybe it represents inner conflict with him. Maybe it suggests between the two of you. But somebody took a stand and wasn't going to listen to anyone else's opinion. There was resistance in some direction and no compromise to be found.

    In the present card is 6 the Lovers. Now I will tell you, this card is not what it appears to be. It's more about making a decision - values, morals, staying true to yourself can all be involved. Yes, it can suggest a deep relationship, but it's more complicated than that. It's as if something else is at stake that requires a decision be made that will lead you into a deeper relationship or will lead you to a make a decision to leave a relationship. Ultimately though, you have a decision to make, there's not much middle ground here. (This isn't really all that helpful is it, since you stated plainly in your post that the whole issue is one of should I stay or should I go, lol, but it's always interesting when the cards reinforce the real situation.)

    Coming into being is the Page of Cups. This page is loving, open and playful. Like a child who wants to play in life. It suggests that you open yourself to new experiences. If you open yourself to others then new love will come into your life. I think that it tells you to move on because there is light and laughter just around the corner. Perhaps all you need to do is make that decision to let go of the past and give that Page of Cups a chance to play happily for a while and see what new things might be in store for you. Now, it can also represent someone with that personality who may come into your life - someone who is fun-loving and playful. This might be just the kind of person who can help you feel good about moving forward now. At it's worst though, it can represent immaturity and someone who behaves like a child. Enjoying having fun and being playful is a good thing, childishness as an adult is a negative. But let's be optimistic here and hope that it's suggesting fun and light-heartedness coming into your life. Give up all that wondering about this guy, let it go, and just go have some fun for yourself.

    The shadow card suggests underlying influences or some background. This card is 1 The Magician. The magician is aware, very sure of himself and goes forward confident that he knows who he is and he knows what he wants. He makes "magic" because he has a sense of purpose and determination combined with the talent and the energy to fulfill whatever plans he makes. It may look like magic to others, but it is rooted in simply taking a direction and sticking with it. On this note, there is also a dark side of the magician's power. He can take things in a negative direction as well. Use all of those same powers to manipulate and deceive to gain an ends. Just a trickster looking to get what he wants at other's expense. The warning I guess is to be sure about YOUR motives in all of this and be wary of what others offer you at this time. Don't be fooled by people or situations who really have their own interests at heart, and don't you get in a position of trying to do that to others. Find yourself and what you need to be happy, then by staying true to yourself, good things will follow. You are the magic of the Magician.

    I hope that's helpful. 🐵 Wishing you all the best!

  • Jenever7 I would love to see what you have to say for me as well, as to what what to expect this Summer; in regard to reconnecting.

    My D.O.B. April 21,1973

    My Friend: June 30,1950

  • Well Pilot, things looked cheery until I got to the shadow card.

    The past is the Magician. You can read about the Magician in the previous post to Xtine. You will have to consider how the Magician's energy applied to your past with your friend. One of you was on a "mission" perhaps that caused you to disconnect? Career or personal demands that took priority? Shady behaviors that raised questions about your involvement with each other? I'm not psychic, so I can't elaborate on the reasons really, lol.

    Now in the present you have the Star. You are hopeful and inspired. Wishing for things to be better, you want to share of yourself. Which is all well and good, but wishing doesn't make things so. Your sense of optimism can lead you to getting your wish, but you have to make the effort. It's not any kind of given and requires action on your part. Hang on to the optimism and make a plan to do something about making this "reconnection" happen. The Star gives you energy to find success.

    Coming into being is the Empress. When I see her I think of mothers, marriage, or one who is very nuturing. (Men can fit this just as well as women.) Either expect this type of person to come into your world or the characteristics of a mother, someone who nutures, loves, and cares for another's well-being. She denotes marriage because, ideally, a marriage is all of those things - nurturning, loving and supportive. You didn't say who you wanted to reconnect with, but if it were a parent I would take this to mean "yes', you will reconnect. If it is an old friend or lover, I think it suggests that you take care to behave in a nurturing way towards rebuilding this relationship and you will have a more positive outcome.

    Then somewhere in all of this is the Knight of Swords hanging in the shadows. This knight is very difficult. He's blunt to the point of being cruel at times. He is intelligent and logical though, a very sharp mind, and so he believes that this justifies himself. He can appear to be very cold and unfeeling. Unemotional. He may also come and go in a flash. That's the energy of the knights, movement.

    Looking at all of this I'm not sure what to think. In general I would say that you need to hold on to your optimism and know that if you do reconnect, it can be a good meeting as long as things are mutually supportive. I don't like that knight coming into this picture though. Mind you this could even represent your disposition. Are you too cold, insensitive, or argumentative? Make sure your desire to reconnect is coming from a positive place and not out of revenge or a desire to control. If this describes the person you are thinking about, be cautious that you aren't just putting yourself back in a position of more of the same. Will this person come into your life only to create agitation and then turn around and cut you off again?

    Well there you go Pilot, you'll have to let me know if any of it fits. I don't normally randomly read cards, it's just that every now and then certain posts touch me and then I'll see if I can add some insight through the cards. So for anyone else reading this, I am not setting up shop here, lol. Fun as that might be I simply don't have time (this would explain my short readings - although I do find the timeline gives a good overview on things). All the best to you Pilot!

  • LOLOLOL!!! Yeah I think that the Knight of Swords is talking about me.

    One of the reasons as to why we disconnected is because I can be very Analytical and Logical for a woman.

    When I feel that there is unjustice being done to someone I love, I turn cold and unfeeling ie. (I was no longer cordial to the employees in my Exboyfriends company. I kept everything Professional after I learned of the deceit that was taking place in the company).

    AS far as The Magician Card: Yes, My Mission was to ALERT him of the lies and deception that was taking place, amongs the employees.

    As far as The Empress: Yes, we were heading towards marriage ; however, we had several jealous individuals sabotage our relationship.

    As far as The Star: Yes, I would like to reconnect with him.

    Thanks So Much for your Insight, You have given me something to think about. I guess in a way...I do like to control things 🙂

  • OH!...when you said shady behaviors that raised questions about our involvement with each other. Did you mean the employee"s shady behavior or my Exboyfriend's shady behavior? Could you elaborate Please??

  • Pilot, see here's the thing, I have NO idea what I mean, lol, as you gave me nothing but birth dates to work with. Everything else here I am just like...I dunno.... I just pull the cards and tell you what they mean. I can't "see" your past, present or future and know absolutely nothing about the details of your situatation.

    However, it sounds like the cards suit your situation so all I can really tell you is to take the messages and heed the insights they offer. As to your question about "shady behaviors" perhaps it speaks to the entire situation. People interacting are nothing but a bunch of actions and reactions to each other. If others were generating "shady behaviors" perhaps this naturally compelled your boyfriend to react in a similar fashion. Not that he would have had to, but I can imagine in some cases one would make a decision to "operate in secretiveness" to real other secretiveness or subversive activity. Do you know what I mean? The best example I can think of is if you thought your partner were cheating on you, you would quite possibly resort to secretive behavior yourself in order to try to answer that question.

    Mind you we are all free to make choices. Every card in the Tarot has possitive attributes or negative depending on how you choose to use the energy of the message. Sometimes, as I've pointed out here, they are telling you to strive for a more positive use of the energy that is available at this particular time, i.e. alerting you to a weakness in yourself. Events and situations will shift and new energies will become available in your life, which would naturally result in different cards coming into play - new directions.

    The cards I pulled are telling you where to draw your energies right now for the most positive direction. How you use those energies is up to you and that knowlege will allow you to affect outcomes. As much as I enjoy readings that give me what feels like "a final answer or resolution" to a situation, the reality is, there is no final answer. Things are constantly changing. Realize that you can react or you can choose to stand firm and operate out of a positive place.

    Based on what you described here, you may be a bit too reactive and operating from a need to control outcomes - you need to realize that as much as you care for this man, you are not him and he has his role in all of this. Ask yourself: are the issues your boyfriend is dealing with YOUR issues? Are they for YOU to solve? I'm thinking here that the answer is "no" and he may not even want you involved with trying to resolve them with or for him. BUT what he could probably use is some support. What little you have told me, this sounds like a messy situation. Why don't you try just being a source of support to him and see how that goes instead of getting fired up like that Knight of Swords and thinking that you have to be in the thick of things. Let your boyfriend deal with his stuff and you come from a place of calm and support. Shelter from the storm, so to speak.

    On that note, I will remind you that continuing to question the past is not a good direction for your evolving future. Whatever transpired in the past, unless it is somehow very much hanging out in the present, should be released. Today is new, with new possibilities. Work with what the energies of the present and the future are offering you or you may just lapse back into past behaviors that should have been left behind. Your present and future cards were wonderful cards. If you get that opportunity to reconnect with your old boyfriend, operate from this new place and quit bringing up those old issues. 🐵

  • Good Point 🙂

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