Does anybody want me to give them a reading?

  • @aries-in-texas yes of course! I’m happy to give you your first reading! 🙂 the first thing I am seeing is many different flowers the one that first came to my attention was lavender , are you thinking of planting flowers and do lavender flowers remind you of a loved one? Perhaps you recently received flowers from someone as a gift even? I don’t know why but I was trying really hard to find a message and finding difficulty concentrating when I noticed “single ladies” by Beyoncé playing in the distance somewhere , and to me I took it as a sign from Spirit to tell you about it, perhaps it will have some significance in your life? I see a crossroads where you are left with two options , which means you are in a difficult situation where you must choose what happens next; perhaps you are left in a difficult situation and are unsure what to do next because you are afraid of going forward in your life? In situations like these, it is always best to trust your intuition and to go with your gut. I also see an older car , perhaps it holds some significance to you , but I interpret it as meaning you are holding onto to something that no longer is doing any good in your life , and slows you down from living your life the way you should. If so, it is time to let go of this “old car”! I really do hope your first reading is just what you were needing to hear , let me know if it is or if you have any further questions ! Love and light xx

  • Yes May I please get a reading.. my name Lucinda, DOB: 07/03/73 if I remember right I was born about 7am or so.. not sure ull be needing info..


  • @jodomi
    Oh wow! As a matter of fact I did just plant flowers and were purple. They are called vinca. The car I'm not sure about and crossroads it maybe what I'm going thru now. My husband cheated on me and im wanting to know if he still is. Or has he stopped. I confronted him about it and of course he lied. I love him I hate him. I just want to the heartache to stop. I wonder is he still cheating ,lying and if so will he stop? Will he actually tell me?

  • @aries-in-texas ah , I am sorry to hear that. Usually when cheating happens they don’t tell you, so it is time for you to make a decision , will you stay or go . Sometimes we have to leave someone regardless of how much we love them. I’m not saying this is what you must do of course, you must trust your gut instincts and intuition to know what the right choice for your own happiness is .

  • @uniquelyme hello Lucinda it’s fine, I don’t really need the time of birth ! The first thing I am seeing is a little blue bird flying away from its cage it was kept , I take this as meaning you are feeling like you need some form of escape , whether it be from a relationship , job , or just mundane living, take some time to yourself somehow . Have you been considering going to a spa of some sort ? The other thing I am feeling is some pain in the right side of my head . Are you constantly stressed or experiencing migraines? I am sensing some fear of what the coming future holds for you . Do not fear, everything will be just fine , try not to be afraid of what you cannot control , things may get a little difficult in the near future but everything will work out in the end! I hope this is what you needed to hear , let me know if you have any further questions! Love and light xx

  • @jodomi I had this aha moment at a concert I went to! And it was really interesting, lol. This band was playing and they had a screen up behind them that looked like Windows panes, and there was a computer animated picture of sunsetting (with colors of orange) in this window frames on the screen. It was absolutely amazing! I looked at that and thought of the first part of this reading that you did for me. And I felt like where I was supposed to be in that moment, by my boyfriend's side at the concert. Was the best and right place for me at this time in my life. I have never experienced anything like this before! While that thought came into mind, I had goosebumps on my arms!! So thank you for the reading! I feel like you have helped me achieved a level of realization that I wouldn't have had without your help!! Thanks for your help😀 your the best😙

  • @jodomi yes, this is the type of job I was looking for. I enjoy helping others, and I thought what better way to do it, then with customer service. It's taking me on a journey, and I really need to work. It's making me feel anxious. I amwandering if I need more training? I was thinking of maybe going to school for nursing or physical therapy assistant? But I'm not sure. I really want to use the new skills I obtained with my degree. I left you another post about the other half of my reading. Thanks, so much again for your advice and your time!😀

  • @tuliplilly oh wow that’s wonderful!! I am glad my reading helped ! I see that going back to school will happen a little later on, I hear that now is the time for you to focus on your new job and later you can go back to school ! 🙂

  • @jodomi yes pleaaw

  • @meme hello dear, of course! The first thing I am seeing is “new beginnings “ in bold letters! To me, this means you will be starting a new chapter in your life , change is coming. You may be feeling more stress in this time and a bit of fear of the changes happening , but this moment will pass and things will work out the way they should! Are you by chance coming to Europe soon or did you travel here this summer? Or perhaps you are European? I’m seeing the European Union flag for some reason! I also see a futbol (soccer ball) and am wondering if this has some significance to you , perhaps you play or a loved one does/did? Im also seeing that the future for you will be very calm and not stressful , but peaceful , be prepared to let out a huge sigh of relief! When I think of your romantic life I see a bouquet of roses, I feel this means you are in a very good relationship with someone currently or will be very soon ! I hope this reading is what you needed to hear , let me know if it was, and if you have any more questions for me let me know! Love and light xx

  • Hello Jodomi, i would also like a reading, please.

  • @marishkaa certainly dear! I sense that you are going through a difficult time in your life, did you recently lose someone (female) ? 😞 I got a pain in my stomach , a numb feeling in my arms and a large amount of pain in my head , are these areas you are hurting and/ or a loved one who passed may have experienced pain? Your pain from loss of some form is very clear and I want to assure you that it will get better , it will take time but will get easier to manage. Whatever bad thoughts you have at the moment, you must always remember that your loved ones are always with you and watch over you every day , and even if they are no longer physically present, they are here in spirit . I’m feeling that now is the time for you to pay attention to signs that might remind you of someone , it’s their way of showing you they are still with you! I also see a field of purple and yellow tulips , maybe you or a loved one like this type of flower or you recently planted them or were thinking about it , or maybe it is time you went out into nature and enjoyed its beauty , to reflect on life and return to your happier self. Love and light dear, I hope I was able to deliver the message you needed to hear , let me know if you have any other questions!

  • @jodomi, thank you. I think that you got my cat (but it was male), it died 2 years ago, but i think that i have not recovered yet from this. I have pain in stomach, chest pain, my head also. And don't know how to get rid of this, as doctors do not help, and i don't know what is it with me. Sorry, not sure about tulips, but maybe you are right - i need in nature. Jodomi, may i ask you please what do you see concerning my job or maybe a message, cause all my pains affect my mood, mental health and it in turn affects my job.

  • @marishkaa just to reassure you , your cat is on the other side waiting for you when it’s your time , just as any other family member will ❤️ I will do a reading for your career later on today!

  • @marishkaa hello again dear! In regards to your career, I am first seeing a calendar with many days marked out with an X . Have you been missing a lot of days from work due to your health issues? I could see how that would cause you to have much stress on you ! I am seeing a beautiful beach turn dark and desolate, which to me means that your job was once perfect and somewhere you enjoyed going , but now has become difficult and now you fear possibly losing it perhaps. For some reason after seeing this, I heard the phrase « que sera , sera » (whatever is going to be , will be , I think it means in this case that if you are meant to have this job forever , then things will be okay and they will understand your reasoning for missing work from health problems , and if they don’t and they fire you, then it was meant for you to move on from this job and focus on your health and being happy again. Only time will tell which meaning it is! As far as messages from Spirit go , I am seeing a birthday cake with one candle and the candle being blown out now, did you have a birthday recently or is it coming up? Or perhaps you have a child or young relative who had their first birthday? Let me know if these help ! Love and light! Xx

  • Hello jodomi! thank you very much for your reading.
    Probably you saw the calendar, as i usually count time till the end of my working day, then count days till the end of the working week and so on, waiting for holidays, but last year i also missed some days due to health. I can't say that my job made me happy initially, but it was bearable and i was happy to find at least a job, and last year due to my health it really felt like the picture with beach you mentioned. It is a good phrase, and i understand that fear in my situation is pointless. And i think that this phrase mean i will finally leave this job.
    I will have birthday in 2 month, maybe you saw my birthday.

  • @marishkaa I’m glad you were able to figure out what way to interpret it! You are probably going to find a better job then ! And happy birthday in advance! 🙂

  • Thank you, Jodomi!

  • Jodomi, if you don’t mind, I would really love a reading from you. In case you need it, my birthdate is January 9, 1996 (10:59 AM).
    Thank you, Becca


  • @blackisthecolour hello dear! Of course I can! First thing I’m noticing is purple flowers. Do these remind you of a loved one (feeling an older female around you protecting you!) and /or did you recently plant some of these? I am now seeing a big English country house and keep hearing “Gloucester” , which I am not sure how to interpret , but I feel is somewhere you may have frequented often in your life or dreams or may even currently live! I am also sensing that you are finishing or recently graduated university and are about to begin working a new job in the field you studied , is this field in a political science related ? If you are feeling a little nervous about your coming future , don’t be! I am seeing that everything is going to go smoothly ! I also saw palm trees and sun, did you just get back from somewhere in the sea (like Florida ?) I hope everything was what you needed to hear, let me know if it was and if you have anything more you wanted to know about! Love and light! Xx

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