Does anybody want me to give them a reading?

  • @uniquelyaquarius i am sorry for your loss 😞 yes, it is possible that it is your grandmother and that she is trying to show me symbols to you to verify who she is! Just to verify further, I asked for another hint to who it may be, does her name start with an SH or CH sound? I do believe it is your grandmother trying to let you know everything will be alright and you will make it through this! If you feel a warm feeling around you while you are reading this , know that she is hugging you in spirit . I hear the word “smile” as well. Is the thing causing you stress related to a relationship (romantically)? I keep hearing give it time!
    I really do hope this helps you in some way,
    Let me know!
    Light and love xx

  • @jodomi hello sweetie, I'd like for you to try and give me a reading. Date of birth 04/28/1976. Thank you and best of luck. You got this! I believe in you. Thanks again for taking time outta your busy schedule to indulge me with a little life perspective. 😋😊😉

  • Sure, I would love a reading. Been gone from this site for a while. Not sure that i like this new format as it is hard for me to follow. Hopefully i will be able to get (find my reading) when it is my turn. Thanks for the reading in advance

  • @debkell42 hello and thanks so much for believing in me, I am currently in south of Italy so I did not see this until today but I hope this is what you need to hear! ❤️ The first thing I saw was a mountain and I got the feeling I was almost to the top of it but it is getting difficult almost feeling it’s impossible to get there, I interpret this in two ways : the first is a symbol that you may need to get out and exercise and be out in nature , the second is that you are feeling as though this point of your life is the hardest to get through, though you are almost past this difficult moment you can’t help but feel you won’t be able to finish, but I see the light at the top of the mountain and you making it there so don’t give up you are almost there! I feel the second relates to you more, am I correct? I also feel pain in my back , do you experience back pain or did someone you know experience it? Also are you or someone close to you an artist ? I see a row of colored pencils and a sketch book and I am not sure what this means but perhaps you do! I get the feeling that whoever is the artist in your family is wanting to pursue it as a career but they are unsure of whether to do it or not! “Go for it!”is what I hear!

  • @peacemaker hello dear! I hope this finds you, I know how difficult it is to search for whose message is whose on this format, but hopefully since yours is so recent you will easily find it 🙂 ! The first thing I am seeing is a bunch of white flowers (orchids perhaps, I am not sure if that’s what they are called!) do white flowers of any sort have a significance in your life , perhaps you planted some recently or they are the favorite flower of a loved one? I just got a feeling of deep sadness and loss of breath , I hope the answer is no but have you recently suffered from loss (something related to the lungs) or depression ? I am now seeing a lush green forest , to me it means you need to go out into nature to reconnect with yourself and reflect on things that are making you sad, and to remember that you always have your loved ones with you! I hope this helps you somehow! Love and light xx

  • I would 'love' a love reading please!

  • @v1969 hello dear! I get the impression you were once in a very deep and meaningful relationship that has turned out to be not quite what you expected and perhaps very dangerous for your personal happiness and well being, which has possibly kept you afraid of new relationships and feeling as though you are not going to find that person who will treat you the way you should be treated. Is this correct? I keep hearing “now is this time!” which makes me feel that Spirit is trying to tell you the time for change is now, perhaps you have met someone who has caught your interest and you are hesitant , do not be hesitant, it is time to take a chance ! I feel completely calm when thinking about your future in love which means you will finally be in a place of calmness . You will soon find your happiness with someone who adores you . I hope you see this message and that is correct and helpful! Love and light xx

  • @jodomi thank you so much 🙂

  • @jodomi hi, thank you for your reading. Yes, my grandmother's favorite flower was an orchid! I have been feeling a bit sad, due to several situations going on in my life at the moment. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with my life and the circumstances. I have been wanting to get away for a bit to reconnect with my happy me. I was looking for a place that i could revitalize myself. I take this reading as a sign that i need to do just that! thanks for the confirmation. Thank you and Many Blessings to you !

  • @peacemaker i am glad I was able to help you with this confirmation and hope you find the perfect place to revitalize yourself ! This difficult moment in your life will get better once you do! Love and light! Xx

  • @v1969 i hope this reading helped you 😊

  • @jodomi if you are still offering readings I would like one if you have the time. I am starting a new career and wonder what the future holds for me

  • @cancerrecovered hello, of course I can give you a reading (sorry if it is a little later , time zone difference :)! ) I am seeing that either your new career or the last one involves a lot of labor (something with wood perhaps?) and congratulations on your new job ! I am also seeing a mountain and someone climbing it , i take it as a symbol of you needing to take more risks in your life to get what you want, whether that be in your new field of work or in relationships . I keep seeing a forest and hunters, perhaps you hunt, but I take this to actually me you are searching a little too hard for love. At this time , your main focus should be on your career. For the moment , I keep hearing , that you need to focus on the now and what you are looking for (romantically) will come to you when the time is right , this change of work is just the beginning of a new chapter of your life , there will be many more changes to come for the better! Last thing, I am wondering if ferns mean anything to you or remind you of a loved one?
    I hope this reading helps you and gives you some hope, light and love! xx

  • I would love a reading.

  • @dee hello dear, I am sensing that you are constantly experiencing fast heart beats and feeling as though you can’t breathe , due to bad anxiety , as if you are waiting for something to change but it just feels as though it will continue to remain the same , dull and grey . I am also feeling a slight pain in the right side of my head which to me could mean you suffer from headaches or lack of sleep due to this anxiety as well. I keep hearing , “do not worry, have patience “ this change is going to come when the time is right ,which is soon ! For the time being, try to meditate and find ways to relax and calm your anxiety a bit. I am seeing a birthday cake as well , is your birthday soon or did it recently pass? If so, someone is trying to let you know they are thinking of you! I also keep seeing a boat , are you thinking of taking a ride in a boat soon or do boats remind you of a loved one? And do yellow tulips mean something to you or remind you of a loved one as well? I hope this reading is what you are looking for, please let me know if I did well for you or if you have any questions ! Love and light! xx

  • Oh please! It would mean so much to me. Dob 11/14/79 little Rock Arkansas. Birth time 7:02pm

  • Yes please. I'm looking for a job. And I am wandering if I'm going to find a job that's a good fit for me ? I recently applied for a customer service psition and I'm waiting g to hear back from them. I was born in Dec 12th, in the evening.

  • @mmoon hello dear, I am seeing a mosaic window of some sort with pink and orange , I am not sure if this means anything to you or reminds you of a loved one, but I sense a feeling of finally being at peace with something that has occurred that may have been difficult to deal with. I am now seeing a crossroad with two different directions to choose from . You are currently at a moment in your life where you must make a decision, trust your intuition and choose the one that is meant for you , you will know which decision to make! I hope this reading helps you , sorry for the late reply! love and light xx

  • @tuliplilly hello dear! Does the job you applied for involve making phone calls or making phone calls to customers ? If not, you may want to look into a job in this field as I sense you are someone who enjoys communicating with people in this way! I am also seeing a plane , perhaps you have interest in a job which you have the opportunity to travel or you are thinking of taking a trip once you save money? Maybe you will find that the job you are meant to have is not located where you currently live and requires you to move; be prepared for some change in your life in this case! I am hearing “have patience” and what you are looking for will come , you will hear back from the job you applied for if it is meant to be ! Best of luck to you in your search , I hope this helps you ! Love and light xx

  • I would love one If you are still doing them. I've never had a reading and always wanted to. I was born on march 28 1973 at 8:59am.

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