Does anybody want me to give them a reading?

  • @uniquelyaquarius hello! Do sunflowers have any significance in your life? I pictured a field full of sunflowers . I also started to get a headache when I think of you , are you dealing with pain in your head or dealing with a lot of stress in you life? If so , know that life will find a way through this rough patch and you will get through this! This may be a moment of big change for you , if you have fear of this change , know that itโ€™s meant to happen at this moment and will become easier. I am also starting to experience a strange pressure on my lower back in the left side, is this from you or did some female pass from some form of injury related to this area? Sorry for the large amount of questions , this is all happening suddenly and I feel if it is for you or someone else, they are trying to reach out! Let me know if any of these apply to you ! Light and love! Xx

  • @moonalisa amazing! Have a wonderful trip ! I must feel that young at heart energy radiating from you ! Know that this trip will help you refresh and relax ! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  • @jodomi Yes purple is my favourite colour. I don't sail but I love the water and am glad to hear life will be 'smooth sailing' for me. No crown chakra blockage, but I do have blockages in the knee chakras. I am not a parent and I am female. But I am looking after my youngest sister and elderly mother, who are very like children in their thinking and behaviour, though. Thank you!

  • I'd love a reading, thanks for the offer to do so! You won't mess up either, so read away lol!

  • @thecaptain interesting! Is there a male on the other side who may have caused this confusion , someone very close to you and your mother and sister?

  • @moon50 you never know! I hope I do give you some form of message ! So what I am first seeing is a circle of bright light surrounding darkness, which leads me to ask if you have been having a period of sadness or unhappiness in your life recently? And has it been starting to become better? If it hasnโ€™t this period will soon be over with and you will feel more positivity soon! I also saw a bunch of presents in my head : is there a birthday that is soon or recently passed or do these presents represent something to you? Let me know if this sounds like this is for you ! Love and light! Xx

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  • @jodomi I have been going through a period of mild depression, like I can't remember what it feels like to laugh from the inside anymore, so I'll be pretty happy to have this phase p off lol! Thanks for the positivity your reading foretells. I have started feeling that things will improve too, so you're spot on there.

    As for the presents; my birthday was last week, and I can't think of one that's coming up, so I'm guessing it's my birthday you picked up on. I didn't get any gifts, as such, but did receive a small sum of money from my parents which came as a very welcome surprise! I haven't had any help from them for years and years.

    I enjoyed your reading and hope you feel good that you're doing really well!

    Keep it up, and thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxoxoxox

  • @moon50 it will be better soon , and happy belated birthday ๐Ÿ˜Š xxx Iโ€™m glad I was able to help you have hope !
    Love and light! Xx

  • @mia I see a picture of a beautiful forest with tall trees . I am first wondering if you have a connection to a forest like this , but my intuition is telling me that it is more of a symbol for you to reconnect with nature and spend some time outside , perhaps taking a walk or just meditating in nature . You must be stressed currently with the everyday life and need some time to relax and breathe! I also keep hearing something about a baby, do you have one or are you or a family member about to have one? Hope this helps you and sounds right! Love and light! Xx

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  • @mia try to get out this weekend! Have a great day!

  • @jodomi No.

  • Yes I would love a reading. My main focus right now is my health but anything is welcome. thanks

  • @pisces18 hello! So I am feeling pain in my head , eyes and also my reproductive area, are you having health problems in these areas? I am also seeing a cane and feeling a bit of pain in my left leg , have you been struggling with walking lately? I keep hearing trust your intuition, so if you have been feeling that you have done the wrong thing but listened to advice of others concerning your health, you should do what you feel is best for you! I also saw a dark cave with an opening to a bright area of clear blue water , I interpret this as you having struggled much , but you are almost through this period of fear and struggle, soon you will be at ease and everything will be okay! I also saw red roses , could you have an anniversary coming up or recently passed ? I hope this helps you in some way, and is correct! Love and light ! Xxx

  • @jodomi Hi, wow very accurate when it comes to the pain, it's my left side that constantly hurts or gives me a numb feeling. Last year I had a full pulmonary embolism its a miracle that I'm alive and none of the docs I've seen so far knows how I did this. I took blood thinners for 9 months, after being tested the doc decided that I no longer need them, only if I have to travel by plane. I was really happy til my leg started hurting, and this can be a sign of another blood clot, which took me to the emergency room again, doc say it's an inflammation. I'm trying to see another doc a specialist on bones and muscles, because the pains give me panic attacks and I'm always agitated, nervous. So I do hope and pray for your prediction to be right. Bout red roses so far nothing, unless is the ones I have planted in my garden. Thank you so much

  • @pisces18 that would explain a lot! Keep paying attention to your body as you have been! And maybe the roses I saw were the ones you planted!

  • @jodomi thank you for the reading. Sunflowers remind me of my grandmother. She passed away when I was young from kidney trouble. I don't recall if it was on her left or right side because I was very young. Would you say that she's the one trying to reach out?
    I am currently going through some pretty significant life changes. Also, I'm very stressed. The changes are scary at times, but mostly the stress comes from another source. I've been working hard at trying to center myself and bring clarity on this matter, and also keep plenty of faith that things will get easier somehow.

  • @uniquelyaquarius i am sorry for your loss ๐Ÿ˜ž yes, it is possible that it is your grandmother and that she is trying to show me symbols to you to verify who she is! Just to verify further, I asked for another hint to who it may be, does her name start with an SH or CH sound? I do believe it is your grandmother trying to let you know everything will be alright and you will make it through this! If you feel a warm feeling around you while you are reading this , know that she is hugging you in spirit . I hear the word โ€œsmileโ€ as well. Is the thing causing you stress related to a relationship (romantically)? I keep hearing give it time!
    I really do hope this helps you in some way,
    Let me know!
    Light and love xx

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