Does anybody want me to give them a reading?

  • @jodomi Hi Jodomi, thank you for your reading. I appreciate you taking the time to do one for me. I don’t have much of an association with the color purple. However, I have an acquaintance whose favorite color is purple and I used to want to paint my walls the color lavender. have two deceased grandmothers and one deceased great grandmother, so the older woman spirit would most likely be one of them. I don’t really have any association with the UK, so I’m not sure what all that might correlate to. As far as college, I have not yet went to any university, but I am creative by nature and would like to someday attend an art school, although at the moment I am planning to get a one year degree from a technical college (in order to be able to find a job easier and make more than minimum wage so that I can move somewhere up north). I am from Georgia, but my mom recently separated from my father and we actually moved to Florida a few days ago although we might as well still be in Georgia due to the fact we didn’t move very far at all. We’ve always been a short distance from Florida.

    I wrote this because I figured feedback might be helpful to you in someway. I hope it is. Thank you again xx

  • @blackisthecolour ah, sorry I couldn’t be of much help for you! I hope the best for you ! Love and light xx

  • I would love specifics as to a particular aspect of my life, rid the people who aren't for me in my life for the right reasons and let the one's I love know they are appreciated.

  • @blackisthecolour I wish I understood everything with clarity, I love you all, it will all work out good, His plan.

  • Yes please

    • list item

  • @worthy are you asking for a reading xx

  • Hello loves ! I am writing mainly because quite a few people have asked me for readings but I believe never were able to see the readings!! I want to assure you all that if you asked me for one, I did give you one! They are just a bit hidden in this long thread! I hope you all find them xx love and light!!

  • I think I'd like to see how u feel About me and wondering if my relationship is worth fighting for thanks if your able too

  • @raidersbby just now seeing this! What is your birthday? Xx

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes, a general reading would be nice. 12/23/65

  • Hi !! Please give me a reading. Please help me !!

    I just need some help regarding my love life. I am a Cancerian woman and my husband is a Taurus. We are going through a lot lately. Like lot of stress regarding buying a new house ,changing his job etc. This has taken a toll on our sex and intimate life. Its becoz of him we are not doing it. His health issues and stress are a factor also. I am getting frustrated day by day. What's going on? I can't really understand. I want intimacy but he is not giving it.
    He was not like that before,It all started after buying a new house and his job change. Other wise he is a very affectionate person.
    We are looking forward to have children in future.
    Will this situation ever change? Will I be happy with him? Will our intimacy improve?
    When shall I become a mother?

    My D.O.B- 22 / 7 / 1984
    My husband's D.O.B- 30 / 4 / 81

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