Does anybody want me to give them a reading?

  • Hi,

    I am new to this type of thing (I have given friends and family readings but never aquaintances) , so I am not sure how I will do but I would love to try a give someone a reading if they are willing to deal with me possibly messing up!

    Ciao! X

  • I’ll take a reading! What does the next few months hold for me? In regards to my personal romantic relationships and career?

  • I would absolutely love a reading 🙂 Nov. 18.1977 This is how we refine skills ❤

  • I would love a general reading for the future, thank you!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @gladyouwroteme do you have a garden of some type or are you thinking of making one ? I just got a picture of a garden in my head when I thought of you and your birthdate! Perhaps it has another form of significance to you? When I think of you, I feel that you are at a place in your life where you are ready to relax and that you are calm as a person in general. Do you have an older male on the other side you are wishing to hear from? I see an older male smiling with white flowers. Let me know if this sounds like it’s for you! 😁 thanks!

  • @thecaptain I immediately see the color purple when I think of you , probably because you use your crown chakra a lot , but I also hear the word “focus” as well , are you currently having blockage with your crown chakra or headaches? If so, it will pass with some meditation and clearing your mind of unnecessary thoughts. As for what I see for your near future , I feel that everything will go smoothly ! I picture a boat in my sailing on the ocean as well , which could represent “smooth sailing” , but is it possible you enjoy sailing ? I sense that you are a parent (father?) of two children and you think about their futures and what they will be living with with the state of the world , but I heard that you shouldn’t worry , they will make it through ! Does this sound like it’s for you? I hope it is ! Thanks for allowing me to give you a reading!

  • @jodomi Thank you! I am laughing right now....I am almost 41 years old. BUT! I do have a bday coming up, thats cool you picked that up. Its August 8th. I dont know that you were entirely off in your reading though. Although I am not that young, and I have a daughter.... my lifestyle has a lot of freedom and ease to it, which I love! I have been pretty focused on my career as I want to start my own company, I would be doing the same thing I am now, but for myself.

  • @andidilly
    Andidilly , are you in your mid-twenties , possibly 24 years old? I get the feeling that you are young and therefore need to focus on your career before focusing on love. I sense also that you need to enjoy the freedom you have at the moment before you get stuck in a scheduled way of living! I also keep seeing a picture of a birthday cake and balloon in my head which I have found to mean that someone’s birthday is coming up or recently passed , is this you? If so , some loved ones must be trying to let you know right now that they are think of you! I hope this was for you! If not please let me know, I may get mixed signals as I’m new to this! 😅

  • Thanks so much guys! If you could all read the messages I wrote to each of you in case I got them mixed up a bit somehow please do! Let me know how i did thanks again ! Ciao xx

  • @andidilly oh wow! I got part of it right haha! Well that’s great I believe it is time for you to work for yourself then! That must be what I was feeling the need for freedom from! Is your daughter in her 20’s? Perhaps that’s who I picked up on!

  • @jodomi yeah I think you did great! No my daughter is 8. I did just recently hang out with a friend of mine, shes 28....? I need a little luck in order to start my own business. Its common to have people willing to invest on the front end of this type of business, it takes a lot of revolving money...hence the knowing the right people.

  • @jodomi you know what... not sure if this feed back will make sense. But I am in a relationship right now, it has been draining, and I have been contemplating leaving. Maybe thats the "want for freedom" part

  • Hmm maybe the 24 is not an age but has some other significance in your life , maybe later on you will find out what it means ! As for the relationship, I think would also make sense for you to need freedom in that area of your life , especially if it drains you, it might explain why I felt that you needed to focus more on your business and not romance as well!

  • @jodomi Could i ask you to read for me as well? 🙂

  • I'd love to have a general reading, please

  • @jodomi I'm a bit of a sucker for plants. So much that theres a page on FB where we all plant compare... lol. No older man that I can think of 🙂 My boyfriend is 10 years older but he better not die.ever. lol I am calm, you totally got that.
    Thank you!

  • @gladyouwroteme ah! That would explain the garden part haha! It could have been symbolism for your boyfriend going to bring your flowers or surprising you !

  • @moonalisa hello ! I am getting the sense that maybe you are the young one (20’s) I was getting messages for yesterday! I hear “keep on keeping on “ when I think of you, do you sometimes feel as though you should give up on some dreams of yours? If so, don’t give up, you are young and have plenty of time to get where you aim to get ! I also see calm water in a clear blue ocean , this could mean that you are at a point in this stage of your life where you will be relaxed and calm, but it could also mean that you are also thinking of a trip to the ocean for the summer! Does this sound right ? Let me know 😊 love and light xx

  • @jodomi Hi jodomi:), i am not that young:), 45 in fact, but i sometimes feel younger than my age. i do feel a bit disappointed at times but am trying to keep on going despite obstacles.:) You are spot on with the trip. Tomorrow i am leaving abroad to spend some time at the seaside. Thank you for your reading jodomi. All the best to you. 🙂

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