• Hello Blmoon,

    I know this is strange as a request but I was wondering if there was anybody coming through for me that has any message for me at this time? I feel like there is but sometimes I am wrong about these things haha,

    Thanks x,


  • @jodomi
    I get the feeling you are at a place in your journey meant for self reliance. Ready or not I'm hearing. Expect feeling more anxious than usual as you make the adjustment. I pick up that you have been a focused student for a long while. Constantly seeking wisdom and guidance pertaining to the psychic gifts. You felt for a long time you were just lucky with accuracy and so you went up and down with your abilities. You have been seeking something more consistent. I feel you have a ;lot of knowledge but now is the time to put it to action. First advice I'm hearing is to lighten up on your self. To be accurate you must let go of being right. Or looking foolish. Also, many intuitions do not get validated. You learn to trust the message and let it go. Right now for you it's more about you getting answers within. Connection to guidance isn't always about reaching outside yourself. Now is your time for going within yourself more. Clearing away drama and outside noise and making room for hearing guidance from your intuition. Meditation or just quiet time will serve you. Taking an inventory of energy in and energy out in your life right now is necessary.. Do you have a female friend on the other side? This is a free spirit energy.I'm hearing Vivacious . This energy is close to you right now and is trying to inspire bravery and risk taking in a healthy way. This spirit was a no regrets kind of person on earth. I'm being shown the word CONFIDENCE in bold. Saint Michael is an excellent ali in the name of confidence . All you have to do is every morning just ask him to fill you with confidence to face the day in positive way. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon this was spot on in what has been going on in my life ! I do have question about who this female spirit may be as I have mainly lost males in my lifetime , is there any other type of symbols she gave you to give me an idea of who she may be?

    Blessings x


  • @jodomi
    Were any of those males a bit of a flamer? Flamboyant? This is the energy I pick up.

  • Well they were not but , one of them that comes to mind was good friends with gay friends of mine! And tended to act flamboyantly as a result you could say!

  • @jodomi
    This is a good opportunity for you to tap into your intuition. Who do you feel this energy could be? And knowing how your life is going right now what would this person have to say about it. What is this outgoing colorful energy have to offer you right now?

  • I think they would want me to put myself out there and stop being self conscious, or as you mentioned , to have confidence! Thank you, I think I understand now!

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