Is it not bad to meet a new doctor during Mercury retrograde?

  • Hi everyone. Need your advice please.
    I've read some information about mercury retrograde and don't like to meet new people during this period, especially a doctor. Another doctor gave me the contacts of this lady in March or April (i don't exactly remember), i first scheduled my appointment on June date, but this lady doctor is so strange, the day before the appointment i contacted her and she informed me that she wouldn't be able to be there as she is on a study trip. So i rescheduled my appointment only on the last day of July, and mercury will be already retrograde. Should i be concerned about this? She is of course unpredictable and this appointment can be rescheduled as well, but i need help and have no another doctor to go to.

  • Since you had already started the process before Mercury went retrograde it's actually a good thing. Mercury Rx is good for completing things that have already been started and for returning to relationship issues to resolve them.

  • Watergirl18, thank you for your reply!

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