Sun + moon eclipsed? Very weird reading

  • Hi everyone! I'm an amateur tarot reader, I have a general sense of the cards but haven't been reading often. However I just picked up 2 new decks about a week ago (Linestrider and Little Monsters) and have been primarily working with Linestrider to give myself daily readings, mostly for practice. It's nothing serious- I shuffle a little and flip three cards to get my "theme" of the day. Its not really focused or with a specific query, just sort of like what vibes are coming my way. Sometimes I do it at night as well. Its more a way to familiarize myself with the cards than for any specific purpose.

    I got what I think is a very strange reading today and wanted to share/ hopefully gain some insight.

    Let me preface by saying that I've pulled the Ace of Pentacles, consistently, every time since I've started with these cards. I've been reading with Aces high meaning, taking any Aces that are pulled as more of an overarching color or theme of the reading, and pulling another card to replace while thinking about the reading with the Ace of Pentacles as the lens. AoP has made sense to me as I've been waiting on some news career wise, and the guy I've been sort of seeing also works with me and also has been waiting on career news. So, it makes sense that whatever my "theme of the day" is, in any context, it would be influenced by new opportunities or messages with work/money. I'll also note that I have been very frustrated with my own work situation, and for that matter with the romantic situation and know from conversations with this guy that at least part of the issue is career related.

    So today I pulled my three cards. I notice that the first card is actually two stuck together- The Sun and the Moon. VERY weird esp. as I have not pulled many Major cards thus far. I leave them together. Second card was 7 swords (which I have see a few times so far). Third card was Ace of Pentacles which I exulted and pulled a replacement- Temperance.

    I also note that 5 is one of my numbers (birthday is 4/28, 4+28= 32. 3+2=5) and I wound up with 5 cards this morning.

    So, I'm trying to interpret these cards. When I flipped the sun/moon combo, the sun was on top of the moon. Usually moon+ 7 swords means some sneaky things are going on. But, with the sun involved, I'm taking it to mean that whatever is going on will ultimately prove to be a source of happiness. IE the bosses are pulling the strings behind closed doors. I'm not privy to the information that they have, and really have no way to know or understand what decisions are being made or why. But, ultimately the decisions will be beneficial to me. In the mean time, try to keep my frustrations in check and not take it out on the people around me, including my co-workers and including with my casual dating guy. 7 swords might be telling me to be discreet rather than, say, give either a work or romantic ultimatum. Temperance calls for "tempered" emotions. Let things play out behind the scenes, keep cool, things will fall in to place.

    But the sun+moon combo could also be an element of seeing what I want to see. So, I turn to you guys. Any thoughts?

  • @rachael0428
    You’re trying way too hard. The cards are supposed to be a tool to get you accustomed to allowing your intuition to come through. If you catch yourself trying to FIGURE IT OUT then you are not using your intuition. For example, the number 5…your birthdate….pulling 5 cards…trying too hard!

    What was your impression of the Sun/Moon combo before you started THINKING about them? How did you feel? I would ask what intuitive impression you got from them but your intuition cannot come through with your thoughts running overtime. The Moon can indicate emotions running high…maybe the Sun was telling you to let it go and just enjoy other things for a while since things are going on behind the scenes as you say.

    The Ace of Pentacles keeps coming up because your energy is focused on getting a new job or a job promotion. It’s not an indication so much of what is about to occur, but what your dominant energy and focus is right now. Temperance appeared because of your level of frustration. It is telling you to relax (the Sun’s message of letting it go and enjoying yourself). Frustration is an energy that will push things away not attract them. Seven of swords…self-defeating behavior.

  • Thanks for your insight!

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