HELP! I constantly dream about horses

  • Not every night, but often enough for me finally speaking up on here instead of lurking. I don't understand because I live in the city and I don't have any personal connection to horses, or idealize them as many young girls do growing up. But it started a couple years ago with the first dream of a huge dark horse that could shapeshift into an equally enormous man that said he was my "guardian". I just chalked it up to my recent need to feel "safe" in my waking life and didn't think on it again. But every few months since then I would have a very realistic dream where horses were present, even in places where you wouldn't find them. They are always white, though. I've never had a dream about a dark horse since.

    The dreams are becoming more frequent with last week my looking out a window at a local train station to a wild white stallion running around trying to be contained by it's handlers and frightening people close by. To last night with a "wild" horse race where none of the horses have riders, but I am out among them having them run around/past me without fear of being trampled. Again, every single horse was white.

    I've looked up dreams about horses and I just can't connect with anything I've found. So I'm asking you lovelies now. Any insight you can give me I would be very grateful for, thank you so much in advance!

  • Hello! This is interesting . My take on it (may be wrong but this is what I feel intuitively) is that the dark horse/man is your spirit guide! So they may have just showed up to you in that particular dream to reassure you everything will be okay and that he will guide you on your way through changes in life and keep you from making harmful choices! What feeling did you have when you saw the dark horse? Safe or in danger? Another possibility could be that you have ties to horses due to one of your past lives . Or that the horse is being used as a symbol in this instance. Horses can also symbolize freedom so maybe you have come to a point in life where you feel stuck and are ready to break free and change paths! Let me know if any of this may sound right to you!
    Cheers, xx

  • What do horses represent to you - freedom, your childhood, escape, strength and power, or what?

  • I really had to stop and think on that, Captain. Strength, and beauty for one. But like I said, I have no real connection to them. I wasn't brought up around them, or idealized them. Like some people are with other animals (cats, dogs, etc.) They are their LIFE. I don't have that inclination toward any animal, let alone the horse. I'm just stumped. Perhaps freedom now that you've said that, but I just don't know - and I'm starting to feel like a broken record, haha.

    Jodomi - I felt safe, but in awe of him. You know, you don't see a horse shapeshift into a human every day!

    I'm also wondering why he is the only black horse, while all the rest have been white. Does that mean anything?

  • What emotions did you feel in the dream or on remembering it later? Did the dream for example make you feel happy or sad or scared or peaceful, etc?

  • What does the color black make you feel? Do you feel the color black could correlate with a bad omen ? Sometimes you notice certain colors because spirit is sending you a symbol of some sort ! Maybe that is why this shapeshifting horse wasn’t white like the others, so you could remember him!

  • It was the fear that you get before you do something that would get your adrenaline going. I know that they can be unpredictable, so perhaps that is why.

    I had another dream the other night that I was at a polo match, watching on the other side of a chain link fence. I was trying to get a good picture, but the horses were moving too fast for that to happen. Again, the same awe and rush - but I was only looking on from a distance. Not up close like last time with them running all around me.

    Not sure if it has anything to do with horses personally or if they represent something else. But I convinced a girlfriend of mine to go to the Derby we have here next month just to see if that helps with anything. What do you think?

  • @jodomi I don't think he was bad at all. He felt like a close friend more than anything, someone I could joke with. But he just wasn't "human". He LOOKED human in every aspect. But he wasn't. I sound like a crazy lady now, haha. It's so hard trying to explain it!

  • I believe you! I have weird dreams all the time haha! I believe you going to see a race will be good! Maybe you will find a symbol of some sort!

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