New to the page! Need to know if I’m on the right path!

  • Hello,

    I’m Jodomi I’m new to the page. I believe I have psychic abilities but have not had the time to focus on them as I am busy most of the time , but would love to have some tips on how to connect with Spirit more! I also want to know if I am moving in the right direction of life and what changes I should expect! Thank you if anybody can help!

  • Everyone is born psychic, Jodomi, it is our natural state. But we ignore/disbelieve in our ability or even become afraid to use it so it becomes dormant. You have to use it daily to make it strong. And you are always connected to spirit. The angels and guides always are listening and advising you, but you need to make 'your end of the conversation' stronger and clearer. You need to strengthen your belief and your faith in your own intuition in order to feel a spiritual connection. Your intuition tells you the right decisions and choices to make in life and you cannot go wrong if you listen to it.

  • Thank you Captain, I believe what you say is true, and I wish to practice more of becoming in tune with my psychic side , just need to figure out a time each day!

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