Do these two things (small gift) carry any negative energy?

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    These two things were given as a present to me. Though i like them (especially the stone), i have always had some concerns about them and a person who gave them to me. Were they given with mean intention?
    I almost never get presents and when i do get them i keep them, but i have feeling that i need to get rid of them. And not sure if am right or maybe it is just my bias. Thank you.

    There is also a cup given by the same person, but i can't find it.

  • this is easy! Trust your instincts. If you wonder about them then the seed is already planted. You don't need anyone's opinion or permission. Trust your own ambivalence over them. Early on I as well had a hard time deciding about gifts I liked YET there was a negative thought attached. I eventually became more decisive about having anything in my home with a negative thought attached. For example. My mother who is not sentimental once gave me a very nice glass was an art piece and she was in the antique business. I collected dogs at the time. My sister who can have an evil streak made a negative comment when I got it. She said that my mom looked it up and almost changed her mind because it was a valuable piece. She almost didn't give it to me she said. I really liked the dog but honestly every time I looked at it I heard my sister's hurtful words. I took forever to donate that dog to Goodwill were someone would surely love it and realized I would always have that thought attached to it. In fact anytime I got something from my mother I liked my sister would say something hurtful about it! I love stones! And my mother is usually not the greatest gift giver but for Christmas gave me this HUGE TALL polished geode. My sister made a point of telling me that there were two but my mom sold the nicer one! Years later my grandson admired it and I gave it to him. NOW I would not take so long. What came with those objects was the constant reminder of how hurtful my sister could be and not getting why she was like that. Anyway. Yes, get rid of them! BLESSINGS

  • @marishkaa I do feel negativity attached to them but if you real;y like these things, cleanse them rather than put them away or get rid of them. Leaving them out in the bright sunshine for hours or immersing them in sea salted water will cleanse any negative energy from objects.

  • @thecaptain
    that's good for cleansing stones! But I was considering negative thoughts attached to objects. That's the part you can't cleanse. If every time you look at an object it brings up a uncomfortable memory than it's not worth keeping. Liking the object has no cure for that. Maybe I'm the only one who has thoughts attached to items and I prefer only happy thoughts!

  • Thank you Blmoon and TheCaptain.
    Blmoon i feel also uncomfortable when i look at such things, i can't detach myself from my thought about objects. And it is better really not to have some presents then to have them.
    I am a teacher and sometimes (but very rarely) some students groups give me a box of sweets, and i don't like it because i feel they do it to make me kind enough. so that they can get good marks. But from some students i feel the attention is sincere and it cause only warm feelings.

  • TheCaptain, i got these presents when i was a teenager from my female friend (a teenager too). She seemed strange to me, but treated me very good, maybe she was just cajoling. When she gave me (with another friend) the stone, she hit my head slightly with this stone as a joke.
    Once she asked to pull my single tiny hair and then asked me to take a walk, but stepping starting with right leg (if i am not mistaken) and putting this leg in front of the left one and then the left one goes in front of the right one and so on. I wasn't aware then of any esoteric things, but now i understand that she did (or at least tried) some rituals (i think it was because of one particular boy). That is why i am afraid something like this can be on these things. And all these presents were given on purpose.

  • How is it better to get rid of them if i decide to do it? I've read that the thing should be left on the crossroad..and not sure if it is good advice. Should i give it to someone else?

  • @marishkaa
    I'm wondering, WHY is this so hard for you?! What are you afraid of?

  • It sounds like an item someone gave me that caused me many problems . If you get a bad feeling about them, just bury them in the ground and walk away! Don’t break them , and once they are buried , don’t think about them again. Also after you have them buried, sage / use holy water (if you are religious) in your house to make sure everything is clear! Hope this helps! Xx

  • Thank you Jodomi.
    Blmoon, i was thinking about leaving these things somewhere, so maybe someone may take them. Just don't want to throw such things in a trash can.

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