Dreams & spirit guides

  • How do you know when you have met your spirit guide, can you meet them in your sleep?

  • I was told if i relaxed, cleared my mind and close my eyes i could ask the name of my guide. I tried and several times the name madeline popped in my head. I kept asking if i could see her but nothing. (i think i was trying too hard) anyway maybe two nights had passed when i had this dream where i was standing in the grass at the taj ma haul in india eating a sandwich with this slender light skinned indian woman with a red dot on her head. She had long thick black hair that was parted in the middle & braided. We didnt talk just ate. I felt comfortable like i knew her and i was supose to be there. do you think this was my spirit guide?

  • very possible. as you have been asking with clear intention that you want to meet a guide.

    what else do you do to get in tune with your psyche? because that will help you open communication with spirits, your guide or not.

  • I usually just have time for simple relaxing, clearing my mind for free thought. I usually come up with good solutions doing this. I tried meditation and chakra cleansing. I tend to feel a vibrating sensation at these points. I would like to try yoga, but time is little yet precious. I'm a pisces so i guess most of it just comes naturally, I'm learning a lot from everyone on the forums, Thank you all!!

  • that's nice to know. I need yoga and zen because I guess I wasn't born with high degree of sensitivty so I have to train myself for it. I was told everyone is psychic, but some were born with higher degree of sensitivity like yourself. yeah I can imagine you don't need to train yourself as much. good luck may the universe sends more guidance your way.

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