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  • @blmoon, thank you! I wish I could give you a hug. You have really comforted me. I am so sorry to hear about your child, that has got to be a parents greatest heartache. Losing a child in an unnatural order. How long ago did that happen? And it is a great reminder that we all come into this life with hurdles to overcome. I agree with you, that we choose our paths before entering life. No one escapes suffering. How is your new position going? Are you thriving right now? You confirmed a few things for me about my daughter. I was feeling a lot of what you said, less explaining being better for her. Allowing her to lead the conversation. And yes, she does pick up on a lot, without anything being said. I also figured if I was doing well, that she too, would do well. You are so right about kids being able to live in the moment better, and honestly the more I think about it, that’s exactly what I need to do too.
    So all of the things you said about myself and my boyfriend are so true. I am really focused on learning about my shadow side, and accepting it. And knowing when I need to take a step back. It’s hard! I know you get this. And yes, the last year I have taken a step back from my boyfriend to get closer to myself, and figure out what I really need. And recognize all those negative patterns I have, so I can ditch them. It’s interesting when a person understands themself and their own pain better, they understand others more clearly. People are mirrors sometimes! The irony! So get this, now he wants to get back together, move in, and work through all of our problems. He says he never wants to give up. I really accepted that we were not going to be together. And you are right, I have been untangling all the reasons why I allow things to happen in my relationships that don’t serve me. So the total shift in his attitude is a little bit....? And I mean total shift, in what... 5 days? Apologizing profusely, saying he “gets it now” we’ll im suspicious, Just a few days ago he was telling me that because I had given up on our relationship, he wanted to end it, since I was no longer invested. I have been telling him for months, he needs to start doing something about us, because I wasn’t going to be the one fixing us anymore. Well when I repeated that again, he got mad and basically ended things. Anyway, I wonder about his capabilities, and sudden shift of attitude. I am weary of the “drama” of breaking up again in another 6-8 months. He also reminded me, that for the past year he has struggled with grief after his mom passed. I know he has, but I still wonder..

  • You have so many talents and so much to give, don’t forget to thrive. I know, you know this, but be patient with yourself, everything worthwhile takes a little time to cultivate. Even schedules, haha

  • @andidilly
    My son has been gone 10 years. He had a massive heart attack at 32. He was very athletic and strong so it was a surprise. His birthday is this month. Thank you for your kind words. The turn around of your man has to do with the reality that he needs you but as long as he does not have to prove it he will not own it. I think given the chance he would prefer things slide right back into his safety zone so your intuition is rightfully suspicious that there's more work ahead for him. That whole threat to end it because you were no longer vested really says a lot about his need to guilt you into keeping things in his safety zone. YOU being focused on him. You do the work. What a safe place for him to be. You vested enough for both of you. He has abandonment issues and that whole take it or leave it mask is just his fear talking. It is his problem to fix. It is not fair for you to have to continually prove how attached to his hip you are no matter how distant he chooses to remain. He will do just enough to give you something to feel good about but it will will be all on the surface and you will still get that gut feeling that he's not always present. It will end in arguments because your perspective will be on a gut level. It's taken you a long year to trust in your feelings and believe in your needs without guilt. His mother is trying to guide him towards healing. Stay strong. You do have good insight when not overwhelmed with drama. I feel it will be a lot of trial and error but you will move forward and in relationships it will always be your role to be the queen and expect the king to FOLLOW. The end of December or early January brings an opportunity your way. It will offer you a chance to bring fulfillment to your life. Something to call your own. A part of your forgotten self. Either a talent you have will find a rewarding outlet or you will join in a rewarding venture. Stay healthy an be ready! BLESSINGS! PS....did your daughter just ask for a dog?

  • Wow, that would be hard, that’s crazy. Did he have kids? What is his bday? I cannot imagine how hard that would be as a mom. My daughters is November 6th. She just turned 9, and yes she has asked for a dog everyday since she started talking, maybe two times a day. Hahaha. So yes, no doubt you picked up on that loud and clear. Thank you for clarification on the stuff with my boyfriend. I have not been able to articulate the gut level thing, and the way you put it is spot on. That’s exactly how I feel. Everything you said. He disconnects in ways that are not explainable. So it’s challenging to discuss. And you are right, I finally realized I have always been the one to carry my relationships. It’s my own fault, I have put myself in those roles but, yeah I’m not doing it anymore, at least with him. Also it’s hard, because I do tend to lead. It’s taken me this year to notice how one leads to the other. I’m excited to hear about this opportunity. I have felt something is coming down the pike for me. I’m being patient, and open to whatever the changes are. Thanks for the little excitement, I’ll let you know! Hugs!!

  • @blmoon hi lovely lady! So today I spoke with the owner of the company I work for. (I’m the only employee, it’s small business) I’ve been wanting to transition this business to be mine, while he is the financier, so the profit is more equal, and I can grow in the direction I would like. Looks like he’s agreeable to this, and like you predicted, it will likely happen end of year, or January. This is a huge deal to me, and I’m really excited about the prospect. I’ve been working towards this for some time. It’s also a little scary to now be thinking of what’s next! Does this sound like what you were picking up on?

  • @andidilly
    What do you think?!!! Congratulations. As for the scary feeling that's how a good change feels! Try not to over think this. Anytime you are about to venture outside your comfort zone it will have it's paralyzing moments but that's because of the unknown and it's a leap up. Stay in the energy of entitlement. Sometimes, as we move past energy zappers we get a rush of personal empowerment energy that may feel uncomfortable but as long as you are aware that any anxiety that pops up is normal and ok and not a bad sign it will pass quicker as you get used to it. This is a guided venture so try not to get into too many what ifs or plans. Trust that you will cross each bridge when you get there and know that this is a process. Part of being your own boss is the trial and error stamina. People who run their own business do not have a manual and they have a different perspective about mistakes. They move on and try something else. I think you know all that! Also, Spirit says to limit who you share this with. Try and keep this more to yourself. You really need your intuition in a confident place and sometimes Spirit will whisper suggestions that may not be logical under other's comfort zones! You don't want too much input. Keep your own clarity radar going. Definitely avoid sharing with your X.!!! BLESSINGS!

  • I’m laughing so hard! Yes, I think this is what you picked up on! Nice bullseye. I’m in a bit of shock and awe! If you knew me.. I’m just an average joe..nothing special about my mind is racing at the manifestation/gratitude aspect of life, and the opportunity I didn’t think would be possible for me. Thanks for the sage advice, I will take it and think of it as I move through this process. Thanks for letting me share with you too.

  • Hi Blmoon! Hope all is well with you! How are you? I just got back from a little vacation, spent a short time in New Orleans. I'd never been there before, and wow! I love it there, I LOVE the people and the vibe. Made me realize I needed to shake off the vibe from the city I live in. Its a great place, and I love the activities here, but it gets a little stale, and the thinking gets claustrophobic. It was a good refresher! Anyway- I've been thinking of my brother again. Its not something "urgent" or "extremely concerning" As you predicted before, his situation has deteriorated. Your reading gave me a lot of comfort though, and I haven't stressed over the situation too much. I do wonder about the kids at this point. He is still not divorced, and has gone through the process of a court ordered parent evaluation by a psychologist. They both had to do this. The courts mandate this when one parent accuses the other of not being fit to have the kids. Which is what she is saying about my bro (just refreshing your memory) Anyway they both have had their evaluations, and the judge doesn't look at the case again till June. But the sad part is, he rarely sees the kids at all anymore. They never want to come to his house. I am hoping this will resolve after the judge mandates they share custody. But, maybe that wont happen..? Maybe he wont end up getting joint custody? Do you see anything with this? I am mostly concerned about his oldest daughter-he told me she has been struggling in school and having some emotional outbursts at school. Which is not like her at all, shes a really easy going kid, has a cool calm head, and is a total sweetheart. She reminds me alot of my brother. Part of why I am concerned about her, is her age- she will be 11 in Feb, and that is an age that is already tough for most kids. I just hope she can find some peace soon. Thank you! xoxo

  • @andidilly
    just went through that way myself. I love the Louisianan nature vibe! BUT I've heard living there is another thing...where humans are concerned. They have a unique way of life. On my way to Texas I bought a scratch off ticket near New Orleans where I stayed near interstate 10. I noticed in Texas it was a a free ticket winner. On way back I almost forgot it but remembered as I was buying coffee. I decided to let it ride and got another ticket instead of the 2 bucks. It was a grumpy morning! What a pick me up when I won 40 bucks! Thank you New Orleans! I love driving 10 over all those miles of water. Awesome vibe! My son wants me to move to Texas near Houston but not feeling it. In fact I hate it there. First two nights my dreams were very very busy! TOO MUCH chaos. Crazy highways winding everywhere....nothing but big fancy houses and shopping! And stinky refineries. Work and and spend! And the ocean by Galveston is nasty! How can the ocean be nasty. Anyway I miss my Texas family but good to be home. Sorry to hear about the family implosion. Poor children Their mother has done a very selfish thing and it will backfire later in their adult lives. Sad. Your brother is paying the price for being passive. She has made them CHOOSE. She pretends it's their decision but she has deviously manipulated them. A mother, even a bad one, has a lot of power over her children! What is happening is the children can not live with any anger towards her so there will be misplaced anger. It will manifest towards others or worse be turned inward. Your brother should be in therapy. It will help him. Pray for that. He needs it. This is outside the the court ordered part. He needs to be in therapy for himself. What the mother is encouraging and creating can not end well for her. Children KNOW more than adults think but don't know how to process it. The court ordered therapists see through it. It's all they see in these battles of parents who demand OWNERSHIP with no consideration for their child's well being. Your brother must resist shutting down. He needs a very good lawyer. Actually, his surrender is motivated by his awareness of his children's pain. He doesn't want them to suffer. He knows she is wrong but he actually lets his ego go for his children. Spirit shows me a bee hive.....angry bees . I see her cultivating honey yet all the while she is too much messing in that clue how angry and disrupted the bees are. I see May as a very "wake up call" month. That bee hive is going to turn on her. BIG TIME. And the children will start expressing themselves in a way she can't control. Those court ordered therapists know how to get out the truth. They must bond first. Your brother's HEALING is at play. Opening up to his own emotions is reflecting in this mirror with his children's own trauma. The best that can happen is he bonds with a trusted therapist. I see it is there for him. It's his choice. A lot of his own wounds are reflected in this path of his children and somewhere in his own life he was shut down by a narcissistic energy. Use your power of visualization to help your brother. At night connect a chord from your heart to his and express healing advice...tell him he is strong he is worthy...he is loved. The right words will come. Connect a chord from your head to his for advice. Tell him he has a VOICE. Call on Saint Michael every morning to give your brother CONFIDENCE to fight righteously with a heart. To protect. And also connect visually withe the children and tell them their father loves them. Part of his daughter wants him to prove he cares. The mother has fed them that fear that daddy is living a new life and doesn't care to fight for them. Children do not understand the adult legal politics of the situation. They only feel abandoned. You have very powerful healing skills. Use them! Talk to them...see the connection. Your persistence will over ride the confusion. BLESSINGS!

  • I agree, Galveston Texas looks like an oil pit to me, not a beach, or place on the edge of an ocean.. strange.
    So listen to this, I must have felt something coming up with my brother. After I wrote that message to you, I found out hours later that my brother was going to a meeting with the assigned psychologist the next day. (Which was yesterday) so we made dinner plans knowing we would discuss the outcome. I thought it would be 50/50, since that is clearly the best outcome for any child not in an abusive situation. I had been thinking this whole time, exactly what you said- this lady will see straight though everything that has happened. She will see their mother has manipulated the kids, it will be so obvious, because it’s so obvious to all of us. My brother had letters written by my ex husband, my family, my self, and a friend of his, explaining what a good dad he is, and that this situation was a case of a mother withholding children from their father due to her insecurities. There were details outlining the decline of the relationships since this past June etc. but guess what!? This lady completely sided with my sister in law. To the point that she completely ignored anything my brother had to say, and anything any of us had to say. Her recommendation is for him to see the kids 1 evening a week and every other fri and sat, but not with overnights until he has “proven himself” (wtf!?) after 6 months. Then he can have them stay the night fri.The injustice is killing me right now. I know his passivity has gotten him here. I know what you say is true, it’s his battle, it’s a lesson he needs, and I know he will figure it out. I will do as you’ve suggested, they are great suggestions and I appreciate it! Makes me feel better knowing that i can help in a neutral indirect way. Especially since I am more of a fighter. And yeah, I hope he gets a new lawyer because his lawyer doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. I had other suggestions for him besides that, ones I wish he’d take, but I doubt he’ll take them, they were uh.. more aggressive, ha! Not his style, I know.
    This whole thing has given me much empathy for any father trying to just get his fair share of custody. They truly are at a disadvantage if the mother wants to contest, that is so clear to me now.

  • @andidilly
    This is a normal first step. Don't get stuck on this. It's the therapists way of seeing for herself the father's character. They never go by what others say in behalf. They are all protocol in these matters. They have seen fathers put on an act of level headed character. This is a test. They are taking note of his reaction. Will he not get sidetracked by his ego but instead put in 6 months of taking what he can without crazy fighting or ignoring the court order. They are watching her too. If he comply s and she still complains...which she will it will say a lot. He needs to follow the rules without arguing or letting her goad him. This is part of the process. They will in 6 months know who each parent is. This was not a defeat. This will take awhile. It is what it is. Help your brother understand this was not his failure....just procedure. BLESSINGS!.

  • @blmoon hi! I saw that you might be feeling tired, so no hurry. Hope all is well! Just wanted to check in, I have some things brewing at work, and it’s been disappointing but negotiations are still happening. Do you see anything around this? I don’t think the owner wants to let go....but I can’t figure out why. I’m also a little concerned moving forward with him. Maybe I just need to “let go” like it’s not time for me yet or something. Its a tough spot to be in, because at this moment I need his backing.
    In other news, all is looking up as far as my brother is concerned. You were right, this outcome with this lady actually worked, it spurred my bro into big action. I feel relieved for him and the kids. I sense he will work hard for a good outcome, and he will get it.

  • @andidilly
    I see the "unknown card" . Timing is involved and the owner has things going on outside his job that are taking all his focus. He has a personal crisis and it's not something he would share. He's in a place of being "stuck" . And yes he is questioning his decisions. I think he is affected by planetary influences as well. Business decisions are not getting a universal back up right now. This is true for many people so your intuition about timeliness is accurate. This will pass. You can only remain positive that despite the unknown you are confident that your dream is not dead. You can't push but you can check in with him without any desperation attached. Like a short "just checking in and is your offer still on the table?" Then let it go for now. Patience is called for and yes trust in a divine timeliness to your next step. With or without him your dream has it's own momentum and when you get the unknown card you just have to trust that things are in God's hands. Blessings!

  • Oh cool! Thank you! I did feel that I needed to be patient and trust that everything would work out. But sometimes I question myself and wonder if I need to be doing something more or be more proactive in some way. "divine timeliness" great motto for me! I love it

  • Blmoon, I know that you are in no way soliciting this, I just have to say- I really appreciate all insight and care you have provided for me. I cannot tell you how much it has helped me along my journey. You have a gift that I would pay good money for, and I do pay for the types of service you provide, as it is valuable and helpful to me. It surprises me sometimes to read some of the things I do on here. And I just had to say thank you again, for staying on here and trying to help. I never would have thought I would find quality help and such warmth on some random tarot site blog. I've always had a difficult relationship with my mother. And my relationship with my father is strained now as well. They are fundamentally religious and no longer approve of my life. I've greived this loss for quite some time. I am over the worst of it now. But I still miss that type of love and wisdom, and I cherish it when I can get it! It feels good to have that type of warmth in my life, even over the internet. Hugs! Whats that saying....God is great, beer is good and people are crazy! 🤣

  • @andidilly
    Thank you! Being of service has it's own rewards. For those that productively receive I do feel the energy exchange. AND I learn a lot from those who invite me into their lives. I see myself in others! It gives meaning to my own struggles. We are all more alike then not when it comes to the basic lessons of higher consciousness. Early on in my life I did have an excellent Psychic who I paid. What a blessing! She guided me for ten years. I went on my birthday every year as we shared the same day! I was feeling lost when she passed but it was a great time of growth for me to be self reliant and honor my own gifts and use those gifts in service.. No one gets by ALONE! In honor of all the mentors who took me into their hearts and shared their wisdom I pay it forward. I learned that instead of being stuck in the wound of being a motherless child that if you are brave enough to trust your heart to the right older women you will enjoy the benefit of knowing love from many mothers! BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon, hi there! How are you doing? Are you enjoying life? I saw you have been posting a little and wanted to reconnect. Life was a little shaky for me for a few months, big blow with work, got let go just as we were about done negotiating..BUT... to my surprise this was definitely meant to happen as it’s set me up with a better partnership. But I went through a couple months of feeling pretty low, not sure of the direction I should take, being honest about my motivations, and figuring out what was truly important. Anyway most everything seems to be shaping up ok. I’m hoping the direction I am taking is a good one. I really want to follow my instincts and feel confident doing so, mainly I just want to live authentically with zero reservation! I’m unsure if I should be following some of the designs I’m conjuring up.. it seems like when I try too hard, I miss the mark. And missing the mark from trying too hard seems to be a little bit of a theme for me. I’ve been practicing meditation in hopes of overcoming this.. do you have my input regarding this?
    On another note, my brother hired a new attorney and has been following a schedule while also hiring a new counselor.... I am waiting and watching... their final court date is June. Prayers for all of them for a fair outcome and what is best for all.
    Also, do you see tornados where you are? Xoxo

  • @andidilly
    I read your post. I will respond. Give me a bit. I have a writing deadline today by midnight! I hate applications. I pulled the card "GOD IS IN CHARGE" so stop fretting. So yep here I sit waiting on God to fill out my letter of intent, resume and decide on which ten poems to send and pick three poems by others and why and how they impacted my life. Piece of cake right? I'd rather eat a piece of cake right now!

  • Good point, this is the part we should be enjoying right? I mean it’s supposed to be fun.. that’s the reason we “do what we do” ha, I’ll let you know how that goes for me, meanwhile let me know if God takes over your pen so you can eat cake.

  • Hi Blmoon, it sounds like life has been exciting for you! Thats awesome! I am really curious how things will shake out for you. Thank you for sharing your stuff.
    Omg, I still have the same drama with the same boyfriend. I know, its so dumb...I didn't want to admit that we got back together, but we did. And of course its been a roller coaster. I think this time I feel the courage to move on...I wish I could really "get it" But I always wonder if its just me, and needing to learn how to be better in a relationship. Because I do have a temper that sometimes clouds my better judgement.

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