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  • Blmoon- you were really helpful on a previous question, I’m wondering if you see a big change on my horizon? I have been working on changing some internal dynamics and I’ve felt or hoped that I’m close to a break through.

  • I'm tired at the moment but wanted you to know I have read your request. Sometimes what you ask for is not what Spirit is thinking so it takes a bit of connecting to your energy and I will give you what I get. First, I hear mind body and spirit. So assuming this is your goal. You have conquered any one of these at different times of focus but really it is your goal to align all three to really get the empowerment you are craving. You can be very disciplined and focused but sustaining that AND dealing with others is a battle. This is true for everyone of course. You are more empathetic than most. That's a hard juggle of energy. Someone comes through for you. An elderly lady who raises her hand and says...yep...she's one of mine. This is a a strong yet gentle spirit. She looks slight but packs a punch....has great strength to work like a man and get things done. Very self sufficient. Great sense of humor. She has the gift for using humor to diffuse otherwise irritating situations. She was important to you in a very loving way...she shows me a scene of stroking a little girls head. She had a very healing touch. Sometimes you thought she could read your mind because if you were thinking troubled thoughts she would just come up quietly and lovingly smooth the hair on top of your head. Her smile was comforting. You miss this very much! She says she will always be your guide and her presence is real. I get that the gift of healing and intuition runs through your family mostly on the female side. For some reason your brother is a strong presence through you because as I try to connect more to your energy I get him! But I see him as a little boy and you almost like a caretaker or mothering figure to him. It's an odd mix of energy that you admire his calm yet also fear for him as you worry he can not protect himself. Ironicaly, this relationship is a reflection of your own healing need to honor your own sensitive gift AND still carry a big enough sword to protect yourself. I'm wondering if you do in reality fill yourself with the energy of others. Like this loving female coming through for you have those antennas that pick up others needs and it is your nature to reach out and smooth out any discomforts. That being said I feel it has been a balancing act for you to honor your gift yet not be consumed by it. Where is your space? Your needs? Your comfort? Spirit says be kind to yourself. Guilt is hard on you at get overwhelmed yet ignore it....give too much and then it is inevitable that the tired animal in you needs to bite! Or resentment sets in. You feel guilty too easily when pushed to just need your own space! Or to just not care about others sad predicaments when you have you have your own path to follow and figure out. If this rings true let me know and I can put in more energy. I sense you are in a place of having grown old enough to be aware of PATTERNS in your life. This awareness indeed does get the healing ball rolling faster! My advice for now is to resist measuring progress by small assumed failures. When life gets bumpy it is not a reflection on failure. Life never runs can not control outside events only your perspective. Awareness is progress. You will always have those little patterns of impulsive reaction. BUT the difference in healing and growth is when you can own it and say....woops....I'm doing that thing again. Smile then make a better choice and lovingly pat your own sweet head and carry on. No regrets. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you so much, so uplifting to read this. Its so strange to find this on a random website too. I love this part about this woman...I wonder if it’s my grandmother who passed when I was 16. She fits this description, but she is my paternal grandmother. I will admit I have felt loved and comforted by random people growing up that I may not be thinking of, or I’m too old to remember, ha! My own mother and I are not close though. I do feel this woman’s presence in my life, and I try to it’s very interesting to hear this, and have it put in words. I think I do pick up others energy. I’ve been told I am empathic, and I’ve been trying to align mind, body, spirit. It’s hard! I have been meditating, and I feel I’m close to seeing something in myself. I’m not exactly sure what this is, but I feel it’s something really important. Sorta like my third eye is opening, and I will finally figure out how to better control what my energy does ...? I could just be full of sh*t? Haha! I don’t know. Maybe this aha moment isn’t realistic. Yes, I’m 40, and recognizing all my patterns and really trying to dissolve these negative loops. I find the usual struggles, to balance myself around my daughter, I don’t want to feel drained by her.., but maybe that’s just being a mom of a energetic kid..I also wonder if it’s my boyfriend causing me to feel drained, I have been trying to figure that out... maybe Its just daily life? It’s just gotten more intense, I mean this drained feeling. But yeah, maybe I just need to stop feeling guilty for dedicating the amount of time I need for myself? It just seems like I need a lot lately, you know what I mean? my brother is likely coming through because he has been on my mind a lot due to his drama with the divorce. Yes I admire him, he’s capable, he’s very intuitive, very good at picking up the undertones of a situation and knowing what to do. So I don’t know why I worry, logically I know it’s not necessary. But sometimes I wonder if he’s scared, or depressed, I sense he might need a little help and I go overboard with it.

  • Hi Blmoon, if you are interested, would you mind telling me what you pick up between my boyfriend and I? There’s many good qualities about him, and he can be a good man. I am just tired of our worn out ways of dealing with each other. I’m sure he is too. I am starting to lose respect for him because I think he’s a lot more like his older sister than I first realized. Blames everyone else for her probs, always the victim...etc. I wonder if this time we are really going to end up being apart for good.

  • @andidilly
    relationships are in retrograde mode for us all right now. Every irritation is magnified. Sometimes things need to fall apart before they fall together sums up the vibe . When you are making personal progress, the fall out is often felt in your relationships. You and your mate can't help but feel the need for change when growth is on the line. It can be a "tug of war". As you become kinder to yourself, your tolerance of his weaknesses will be heightened. YOU tend to lead. You at times almost do the work for him. As of three months ago you were urged spiritually to conserve more energy for your own growth. In the past, guilt would weigh you down. The kind of well meaning guilt that kept you selflessly taking on others responsibility. People who do not take personal responsibility end up dumping it on others. Do not bother trying to fix your man right now. No arguing will help. Understand where the intensity of your anger is really coming from and know that it will subside. You have a lot of past frustration you quietly stuffed. It can feel scary the anger that comes out so yes your feelings of this must be the end are explainable. The advice I'm hearing is you are still dealing with the issue of conserving your power. Use this time to practice control over your own state of peacefulness. It will be tough and sometimes you will lose it but learning how to center yourself again is a positive practice. After arguments use your chimes or bells to clear the air. Sage your home. Work on skills to raise your energy. Distract yourself into other things when you feel tied up into battle with him. Listen to music....get away for awhile. Break the focus that takes over when you two butt heads. Pain is your habit to be healed. To understand how pain figures into your life will help you stop choosing to participate in situations that leave you feeling helpless. Set a positive goal for now and let your relationship focus take a rest. There will be a change in September and things will take a new direction. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you! Such positive words to hear. Makes total sense to me. I do need to work the pain thing out and quit losing my center over every little argument! I have been aware of that, and it’s been a main focus for me lately. It’s a tough habit to break! And I did start noticing a while back that I’ve done this for so long, and it contributes to my unhappiness. I see all of the patterns inside my self you are talking about for sure! The guilt, the need to fix, the exhaustion of trying to help my boyfriend into a better path. Which is funny because I hadn’t really been helping myself 😂 I finally noticed a few days ago how closed my heart was, (even with my own daughter!? Yikes!) it seems each time I do that, it creates problems. I haven’t quite figured it out completely, but it’s like I need to understand how to keep my heart open without giving away my power... not necessarily with my daughter but in my adult relationships. And I feel my current relationship is testing me to learn this. I’m getting close, ha! I imagine this is a struggle for most people...? Or else we’d all have more of the types of relationships that are positive. Anyway, work in progress. And your words are very encouraging. I’m so curious about you.... do you do this for a living? I bet your family feels lucky to have a woman like you around. I saw some of the pretty pics posted by others. So I thought I would share. this is from a bike ride a couple weeks ago, the mountain flowers were in full bloom! So pretty!

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  • @andidilly
    Thank you for the pic! I do love nature. I do not do this for a living although I consider it sometimes. I do stay connected to a Spiritual camp and have psychic relationships. My closest friends are aware I am psychic and give out my number to those really in need. I do get calls for help at times. Specially, when someone is struggling with losing a loved one in a sudden tragic manner. I come on this site to be of service with my gift. I feel when I'm of service I get compensated in other ways! I prefer having a choice who gets messages. I trust when Spirit chooses to come forward for someone. This takes energy so I prefer not to waste energy and to only help those who I feel are ready to use the help. I am a poet on a professional level. I am also an artist, musician and photographer and have worked with children. My family does not think my being psychic is so great! HAHA! I understand your struggle with "vulnerability".....the feeling safe factor. That's a hard one but part of one's healing growth. It's often part personalty and more often the result of childhood trauma. Specially, if molestation has occurred in one's early childhood. Children of mentally ill parents or alcoholics often have deep fears of being safe. At times anxiety takes over when things feel too good because wounded children are expecting no good thing or mood to last. They do not trust good feelings or promises because their early experience has proven to them that good times and promises are not lasting. Glad you are making progress on your healing! BLESSINGS!

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  • blmoon, I have been paying attention to the pain thing that you mentioned. So true- it is a habit of feeling. For no reason I feel it, I am glad I see it for what it is, instead of letting it rule the day. I think I am getting closer to whatever it is that I am trying to move closer to. I dont even know what "it" is, haha! I am slowing down, and being ok with feeling like I am not making progress. Thank you for shining a light on this for me.
    I have read some posts on this forum. It seems you are in a really good place, and as we all know, being in a good place (even if you arent) brings good things. that law of attraction thing- at least I find this to be true in my life. Anyway, you have so much to offer, I just wanted send a friendly reminder...dont succumb to those whispers that you cant have every single thing you want. I say this just as another woman hoping to lift up another. Even though I dont know you, I get the sense its high time for you to shine, and you will receive all the wonderful things you hope for! I truly believe we are all meant to have everything we want and so much more, but that doubt about ourselves can be loud. I hope its not creepy that I have been reading some of these things, or that I am saying this. ha! Anyway, take care! xo

  • oh also, I was going to send you an update on my brother and his divorce. I dont know if you remember a couple months ago you gave me a reading and much insight to this situation. You totally nailed all of it. She has gotten much worse, and has been withholding the children almost regularly now. She has done some strange things like taking the oldest to the ER after being with my brother. (She had crash on her bike, that no doubt hurt, but it wasn't serious.) I have pretty much let go of all the worry though, and am taking it all in stride. I feel confident my brother will eventually succeed. I think by just being strong and unconcerned by all this trivial stuff, that is exactly what my brother hoped for, in terms of support during this process. He seems to be doing pretty good, and seems confident, So thank you!

  • @andidilly
    I remember you! You have such a sweet nurturing "mother" vibe. Thank you for the surprise hug. Women like take it upon themselves the responsibility to mother the world. Yes, sage advice about receiving and no one is so enlightened that they do not struggle and grow just like everyone else. Awareness, tools and the support of others is essential. You are not being CREEPY! You are being of service with your gift and that means stepping out of your ego to risk playing the fool. As a psychic I could not help anyone or use my gift if I was too worried about being right or worse looking a bit crazy. Glad you are making the pain connection. I wish I had gotten that awareness earlier although I think we are more timely than we allow ourselves and it must evolve in a timely way. Caretakers and healers do tend to suffer more physical issues. It comes with the gift. Many spiritual leaders who successfully guide others manage physical ailments...specially autoimmune disorders. Energy givers also absorb other's energy. EVERYONE though is affected by possible early traumas and wounds that still hidden manifest in pain. Sensitive folks who fear speaking out as bad often EAT their true emotions and that manifests in pain. For me. I have both kinds. I must balance giving too much or absorbing others stuff. I also was a wounded child who dealt with too much fear or outside energy....found that it was unbearable and like others looked for a DISTRACTION from thoughts. Some folks distract with drugs and alcohol, or obsessive focus like shopping or bad relationships that totally takes their focus. A more healthy minded person may refuse those outlets and settle on PAIN. Hard to think about anything else when in pain! Your brother's situation has no update right now as I feel it is as I predicted. Boy she is a good example of what pain can manifest as....and your brother as well, passively has attracted it. But that's a whole book in itself! BLESSINGS!

  • Hi blmoon, I checked in and saw you got what you wanted with your new job! Congratulations! I hope all is well, thank you for your kindness!

  • Hello blmoon, or anyone that would like to reply- I saw an energy healer the other day, I’ve been trying to get some help opening up my throat area. While I was at her office, on her table, I saw many things... most everything made sense. I saw something though that has been a bit of a mystery, it may not mean anything, maybe it was just a memory. But while I was there I saw my ex husband and I in Hawaii watching whales and listening to their sounds on a boat. We actually did this when we were married so I’m no sure why I thought of this and why it came up. It was a strong visual, and suddenly strong in my memory. Maybe it meant nothing? Just love lost? Xo-A

  • @andidilly
    I felt a connection between your effort to open up your throat and listening to whales vocalize. It is believed whales do have a language between them. I imagine at the time you where listening to the whales you were thinking with great attention to understanding "what are they saying?". The idea of love lost may be hard to give a voice to as really it is not black and white. At the time it was real and it was a time of good communication. You shared a true bond and were on the same page in that moment. Part of your healing journey is going to bring up separating wounds from happy aspects of relationships. Sometimes the bad stuff gets more attention than the happy moments. I think it is part of healing to have more good memories stand on their own without a sense of loss or being clouded or compared to the painful stuff. To make peace with your wounds and be able to recall good stuff and just enjoy it for what it was. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon I was thinking that! “What are they saying?” probably no real mystery except I just want to be back in Hawaii! Ha! The whales called me back

  • Hi Blmoon I hope all is well. My long term boyfriend and I broke up a few days ago. I know its for the best, but obviously it hurts. Right now I am just doing the best I can to keep positive. I am trying to make some plans that will help me get through the next few months. I have good friends, but I do worry about my daughter. Hes been in her life for 5 years. I haven't told her yet. I'm not sure what I am asking...I guess I just hope it wont hurt her too much? I dont want it to be hard for her....

  • @andidilly
    As a mother it is our desire to save our children from all hurt. But the reality is that our children come through us each with their own life path and we can not always make their lives pain free. I believe we all choose our obstacles before birth. We choose what we feel will give us the life lessons and soul growth we desire. And we are not punished if we leave this world short on our goals. As a care taker who often could see too much ahead of my children I did a lot of worrying! I also did my share of trying to control outcomes. I can say looking back now how futile that was at times. Sometimes I did help but often my children had to learn and grow just like I did. I even continue to survive the unthinkable worst, the death of one of my children. Being psychic did not help me at all with that! I am at peace with the knowing that we all have a time for leaving. Otherwise everyone would live to a hundred. The point I'm making is you only have so much control over your child's journey. Also, since my children are all older adults I am now able to see the other chapters unfold and see the final results of some painful times. In the end it makes sense. So, try not to over react too soon. What I hear is the best gift you can give her now is to be happy. Children exist more in the moment than adults and tend to weather life's bumps easier when a close parent is happy. I also hear that your daughter has an inner knowing about this already. When we as adults are deep in our own drama we are often too short sighted to be aware just how much our children pick up. I am hearing the advice... less is best. Downplay. Be busy and do your grieving in bits alone. Do not try to be too much a strong only back fires and comes out in inappropriate ways and times. I found that one out the hard way! I don't get the advice to sit her down and have a talk. I am hearing to expect the best and let her lead. She will ask questions and you answer them as they come. Spirit also says to remember you can pray for the right words as needed. If you don't know an answer be honest. Children want honesty...yet you must balance that honesty and not project more than necessary. If your relationship was not healthy what she will reflect on LATER is that you did the healthy thing despite the difficulty and hurt. She will be making mate decisions herself and all you can hope for is showing her that she CAN survive and heal after a breakup. Also, you are teaching her not to lose herself. What I see is you and this man need to grow up separately for long enough to both be healthy. You lost your boundaries and it didn't happen over night. Reflect on "small details" Spirit emphasizes SMALL DETAILS. It is often the smallest of gestures towards ourselves that get compromised and ends up being a bigger problem eventually. Other people can pick up on little clues of "concessions" we show them and it will often get us taken advantage of. Being too generous or too agreeable can hurt us. Selfless people do not like feeling selfish but there is a very good positive need to be selfish in a healthy way. I think you already get all this. You are right to separate at least long enough to change your pattern and energy. It can be a battlefield to try and do it together. Right now you see things much clearer than he does. He feels you changed and if you would just stop it would be fine. He will not get your personal loss of self. He does not get that you feel empty of something truly important missing. Here's the other shadow over him. He needs to own needing you. And you have given him that unspoken "concession" without respect for it. Where you are at now is that needing issue goes both ways. As a caretaker you would prefer to help him change but the bottom line rule is we can NOT help anyone we NEED. Need will cloud our decisions. This is why you must survive outside of your needs right now to get to your healthy lace. Also, he will then have the free will choice to heal himself. Stay busy, do fun joyful things, set small goals and give yourself permission to have a crazy day. Crying is not weak it is healing so take time for a good cry. But do not linger. You will be mourning more than this will be mourning parts of yourself that got you there. Pain is a complicated energy that often follows us from early wounds we buried to survive. Healing and making peace with our past traumas helps us not have to choose painful situations or relationships as a release. You will be fine. One day at a time! BLESSINGS!

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