What is the Meaning of Smelling a Certain Scent?

  • I'm SO New to This~Trying to Navigate My WaY Around. It Looks Like a LonnnG Time Ago I Created This Account.. But Never Explored.. It's Amazing So MUCH Has Happened Since Then.... If I Would Have Known Then What i Know Now!🙆
    I Do Have a Question if Anyone is Able to HeLP~ i Sure Would Appreciate the Insight/Knowledge. The Other Day Something Happened that i've Never Experienced B4.. The Gift of Scent.. For Some Reason I was Smelling Curry?? I Have NO Idea what this Meant~i Tried Looking this uP but Could Not Find an Answer.. Not Even a Crazy Guess! i've Always been Very intuitive thru Dreams and also thru "a Feeling". I'm Born and Raised in USA, just an Fyi. I'm Not understanding what this was.. Does Anyone Know What This Means? Any Info is Greatly Appreciated...

  • Clairalience or clairolfaction (psychic smelling) is but one of the many abilities associated with becoming more psychic. Different people pick up impressions in different ways. I have often smelled scents that weren't there. It is also one way the spirits use to let us know they are around. What you smell will contain certain psychic information you need to know. Does curry have a particular association for you - maybe someone who has passed ate it a lot?

  • @thecaptain That's the Issue for Me~ I Have NO Association With That Scent~ None at All.. That's Why I Been Shakin my Head Thinking What? What! I Don't Get This! What is the Msg and From Who?? I'm Glad You Said there is a msg/meaning from Spirits~That's What I Thought too... I Swear I've been Feeling Spirit/s Around Me Lately~i Keep Catching a Glimpse of Someone/Something out of the side of my Eyes.. I'm Just SO Desperate to Know what Smelling Curry Means in the Spirit World. Now There is Something I Have to TeLL You. Lately, (NO idea WHY!) I've Been Obsessed
    With Wanting to do the Ancestry DNA... Here's Why~ I am of German/Italian Descent. My Looks ~ I Take After my Dad. I Look German-(light brunette green eyes) If You Saw me You'd Say NO WAY do i Have Italian in me LoL! WeLL Anyway, I'm Having Deep Feelings/Thoughts That the Man My mom Thinks was Her Dad, is NOT Actually her dad..But a Man that my Gram Worked With. He Was Jewish.. My Grandparents never Divorced but Lived Apart For Many Many Years. My mom has a sister and a brother but They are Many Years Apart in age. They are 12 and 14 years older than my mom.. This man my Gram Worked with BOUGHT her a Small Home to Live with my mom and her siblings. Wow, You're the ONLY one I've Said this too- and i'm feeling like it's cathartic. I almost feel light...Oh and Another Thing That's Been Happening is, I've been emotional lately.. Crying and a Heavy Cry. It Comes out of the Blue.. That's NOT me At All~ I've Always been a positive person and i'd say happy also.
    I do Visiualization. Having White Light Around me~ and visualize me smiling` being happy and thinking it's all good- it's good
    Even Though There Have Been Deep Losses in my Family, I've Somehow Managed to get through them and Cope. I WiLL Say That You Never Really Get Over the Death of People You Love.. But You Learn to Live With it.. I'm Going to Look Again and See if I can Find Anything about What I Smelled. Do You Think it Has Anything to Do with what I Told You about My Gram and mom and the Man that may be my biological grandfather?

  • Smelling specific scents usually means your guardian angel is trying to send you a message or communicate with you. Ask yourself - is curry a pleasant smell for you, does it have good or bad associations? Could it have been a smell from your childhood? I feel it is triggered by your guide to take you back to a time that you need to re-explore for some reason. Try asking your guide for more information and stay open for signs of a reply.

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