Scorpio men and female friends

  • Hi LeoScorpion,

    Excellent advice, and genuinely empowering; I'll do that! Thanks for all your feedback...glad that others on are going to benefit from your wonderful input as well! Take care..

  • you're welcome cuspglyph

    I don't see stability in this 'friendly relationship'

    I hope things work out to your advantage

    work gets busy now and then so I can't be here as much as last year

    so if I miss your post to me, again, you know I'm not ignoring you 🙂

  • Hi LeoScorpion,

    Thanks for helping me to figure out how to get things back on track. I've been more 'busy' in a good way lately, and he's been attentive in less of a 'take it for granted' sort of we both benefit from that balance. I understand about the schedule thing; hope things work out for you!!

  • "I've been more 'busy' in a good way lately, and he's been attentive in less of a 'take it for granted' sort of we both benefit from that balance"

    sounds good. and thanks I could really use some rest from mundane life

    bills bills bills.. LOL anyway take care now

  • Hi LeoScorpion,

    Yes, let's hope this economy gets better so life can be more than mundane!! Best of luck to you!!!

    : )

  • Listen to Hangedwoman and be realistic. He's in his fifty's groping at women.

    Cheers Pfree

  • Hi Pfree,

    And then there is the importance of asking yourself what they have to offer that may be missing in your present relationship. It's not necessarily about 'other women' but a need for some kind of validation he's afraid he won't get from the woman he's with. Reality will balance that out, though.

    None of us can deny the consequences of our actions. By the way, this can happen with women, too. It's a matter of being responsible for knowing what makes us happy and being honest with others about that.

  • Married to a Scorpio for 45+ years. I am Pisces and he is my 2nd husband. He's very passionate and loves to grab my hand and pull me in for a kiss. Perfect gentleman, open doors, etc. As we age, he seems a bit more moody, or it could be I now have to time to spend with him. I had a very successful, stressful job before retirement. So did his mother - so guess he went from working mom to working wife :~)

    It has not all been wine & roses, but I truly do feel loved and appreciated.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Laithano!

    I had to do some serious research once our relationship got to the 'touching' phase (pretty quickly).

    Check out his moon, Mars, and Venus as well as past relationships and how they ended. I had a pretty heavy combo of these to deal with--and learn how to address. (My Sun is in Aquarius, moon in Cancer, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Cancer, rising sign Pisces; his moon was in Aquarius, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius, rising sign Virgo). So we had really good rapport with the Aquarius 'connection' but with the Mars, it was like "we can be friends and have sex at the same time". First time I heard this version, so I really had to work on finding the words to let him know I didn't necessarily feel comfortable with that...but when I told him I couldn't be "just friends" and have sex in a casual way, he respected that. Very typical of the Scorpio lack of hypocrisy in 'telling it like it is!' From that point on, we enjoyed a more serious relationship. It was just when the "female friend" that suddenly popped up (and rather intensely, with her moon in Scorpio, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Libra) did I wonder just how this was going to 'play out', since he'd harbored a powerful crush on her back when he knew her..she'd turned him down but here she was again--and 'advertising' herself on the networking site we were all on--sexy glamour shots, 'drive men wild' posts, etc. He took the longest time to tell me of their you can guess my confusion at the time.

  • Of all things, I found out she already has a boyfriend--but neither of us knew about that. I texted him right away "now we know..." Well, for whatever reasons, it was an important lesson in communication and ideas without the necessary information! The good thing--besides the news via a friend who casually posted that in an unrelated context--is that we now know we can't take 'understanding' for granted amongst all of us. I just wish I'd known this sooner!! It would have saved us all a heap of confusion!!!

  • Interesting note! She has Moon in Scorpio...

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