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  • Hi all, I'm posting this as I've been fiddling around a bit with numerology just lately. The reason is that my partner and I are currently renting a unit No. 13B. In checking numerology for that unit number, it adds up to a 6, which should be a welcoming, harmonious place to live, however we've had many difficulties with money and constant arguments. We've managed to sort out the arguments, but money is still a problem here, even though it is low rent compared to other places in the area. It's weird that we've experienced this here, but ... if anyone can shed some light on this, I'd be grateful! As a bit of further insight, the unit is a ground floor one, with our neighbour living above. It is set down from the street - a location I've never been all that happy with - and is laid out in such a way that the backyard is not immediately accessible to the house; something else neither of us has been thrilled about. Also our neighbour is the owner's daughter, and since living here, we've noticed she doesn't like to do much in the way of mowing or putting out or bring bins back in. That's been a bit annoying to deal with also.

    The next thing is we've applied for another property which is a bit further out, but in an area we both love. The rent is slightly higher, but manageable. The house number of this place is No. 16, which is apparently a karmic debt number in numerology and I'm a bit divided about what I've read about that.

    I'm wondering if anyone could also shed some light on whether the No. 16 is actually an unlucky house number, and if so, what can we do to balance its energy? My partner has been and had a look at the inside of it (I couldn't due to work) and loved it. I'm due to have a look through next Wednesday all going well. I'll add that we went for a drive by a week ago, and I really loved the area, street and the backyard of the place from what I could see from the road! It's a cute looking little place too, though my partner says it's very roomy inside which is surprising.

    Thanks in advance! Hope everyone is well on these new Forums; I'm still finding them a bit weird to navigate, but then I'm not on here much these days!

  • I think you should not focus on the number so much. The place you are unhappy in has problems unrelated to the number. I find the number 13 has been a lucky number for me so it can get complicated just choosing by numbers. Obviously, you already can see how your interpretation of a good number is not adding up! There are many different things not right in your apartment. It's hard to tell which was first and how much contributed to the attraction of further problems. First, it's the land itself. The building and some surrounding land has a negative history.....a trauma. Also, the layout or Feng shui is very blocked off. The flow is stagnant and it's a place that would not accommodate too much stuff. Too much furniture or belongings would just make things worse. There is aN earth bound spirit that claims that area. Earth bound spirits need to feed off of the energy of others. So yes it can instigate high emotions in the living. Also, you are sensitive so you will be more affected. It's an area that would breed depression. I'm curious why you rented there and what was your first impression? Where you thinking too much from your head.? You seem to be choosing the next place from a calculation of thought....the right number. When really, with your kind of intuitive possibility you should get more in tune with IMMEDIATE gut feelings. Do not dismiss gut feelings. If you do find a place that feels good but then there is a certain thing that bothers sure you can remedy it before choosing. Most places have a feng shui problem somewhere but there are fixes. But some problems aren't so easily fixed. A front door facing a back door can disrupt luck. My front door opens to an open view of my sink! It can cause money down the drain so I use fixes to counteract that which I won't go into. You can look those up. Choose your next place by really paying attention to the energy. Until you move you can help raise the energy were you are by sageing, using wind chimes throughout the house and after an argument always set off the chimes. Chimes and bell ringing clears negativity. That's why most religions use some form of bell ringing during ceremonies. I have wind chimes in almost every room and after an argument I go through the house and set them off. A hand bell will work as well. I think if you are going to educate yourself on all you can do to keep a home positive you should let go of numerology and study feng shui. There is more cause and effect information in that department but try not to get to obsessive about it. I stick to the basics and really trust my own energy meter. As a sensitive you should practice that too. Get a feel for areas feeling off. I find that just moving furniture around or removing extra stuff frees up the energy flow and keeps stagnation at bay and fights depression. Also, low energy flow is not good for attracting abundance. To attract abundance it is helpful to create a space. Do not overfill cabinets or closets or drawers....always leave room for things to come in. Holding on to too much disrupts the flow of abundance. You must give to receive. So donate often. Throw out broken things or things waiting to be fixed. This helps attract abundance. Keep your entrance clutter free...inside and out and never keep dead plants around. Only keep possessions you love around you and never keep anything with a bad memory....even if it was a gift. These are all helpful rules to attracting abundance. BLESSINGS!

  • That is so funny! I popped in last night and read your post, but then decided I was too tired to type coherently, BUT I was going to say the same thing - don't focus so much on the numbers! The numerology of 7 really isn't bad, I think you looked up the definition of a LIFE PATH of 7. But as Blmoon said, focus on your gut feelings instead. I looked at a house yesterday that on paper seemed perfect, but I walked in and just knew it wasn't for me. Even driving through the neighborhood on my way to it I knew. The neighborhood was VERY nice and well kept homes/yards, etc. I just did not feel it was the place for me.
    I feel like you would have much better experiences with your home if you cleared out a lot of the clutter. Too much stuff in a small space. Do you have a hard time letting go of things? Time to go a brutal inventory and take things to the Good Will or whatever charity is in your area.
    Good luck!

  • Well, hi Blumoon and watergirl! Long time no "see".

    Firstly, thank you both for your responses here. I confess to getting a bit overwhelmed with finding the "right" house and have resorted to numerology and letting my head rule as well.

    As a brief history of why we're in this unit: We had another house which was larger, in another area, which we'd both looked at and loved. Sadly, the real estate - even after telling us it was ours - gave it to someone else. I'd rung up to pay the bond, etc., to be told the house had gone. I won't go into details of that conversation, but suffice to say I left a scathing review online about our treatment.

    So that agent's behaviour left us homeless. I put a plea up on about half a dozen buy swap and sell pages in the area, and the owner of this place got in touch with us. We took this place sight unseen, except for some photos, but even so, we were grateful to have somewhere to live as I was starting work the week after we moved here.

    We've tried our best to declutter here, but have sold or given away so much stuff that if we give away anymore, we'll have very little for a house with more room. Hence the resultant feeling of being drained of energy! My partner hasn't been able to find work here yet, and has become more and more depressed as the months have gone by, so Blumoon's comment about this situation causing depression is right on the money!

    This place was always going to be a temporary thing, but after nearly 8 months we're still here. I'm going stir crazy here, especially now it's winter, because when I'm not working I admit to having to try really hard to motivate myself to do anything, especially this past week. I'm also left feeling that I'm the one working all the time sometimes, so that's been the cause of some of our arguments. Money has been very tight here, but I said to him the other night that I felt this house has drained our finances, irrespective of the cheaper rent. To be honest, I dislike the place and don't feel at home here, even though I've tried to make it as cozy as I can. If we toss anything else, we'll have to start again in another place, but I can see the sense in what you guys both said on this topic. I'd say when we do eventually move out of here, we'll be offloading what we really don't need, so that should help lighten the load so to speak. Add to that, that my partner, due to certain events in his history, refuses to clear out any of his clothing, even stuff that doesn't fit him anymore. This is due to him leaving his marriage with only his clothes and his motorbike. I can understand his feelings, but have said to him, PLEASE, we need to declutter!!! But in truth, we've done as much decluttering as we can.

    The place we've applied for is located another 10 minutes out of the main Centre, but the area is truly beautiful. We both fell in love with the beach there, which is only a walk away from where this house is. This is the No. 16 house by the way, but looking at it from the outside, I really feel this place will be home to us. My partner loved it when he viewed it the other day, and I'm hoping that I can get to see the inside of it this coming Wednesday after work.

    So far, we've been the only applicants so I'm hoping we'll be successful in getting it.

    My reasons for turning to numerology and letting practicality rule more, has been that I didn't want to make another mistake and commit myself - or my partner - to a house that we weren't happy living in.

    And watergirl, it's funny how a place can look perfect on paper but not be when viewed! Another real estate here had a house up for rent that was still full of the current tenants things, but after looking at pictures of it online, we went and had a look at it anyway. It certainly had the extra room we needed, but even looking past the mess and clutter ... it didn't appeal at all. We didn't like the neighbourhood much, and the rear yard was one of those nearly perpendicular sloped yards which would've been a nightmare to mow!

    Anyway, we'll see what fate brings us. But I do know one thing, and that is that the sooner we can get out of our current place, the better. I'm not even worrying about not having the ready cash to move because I feel that'll work itself out. When something's right, it's right and things fall into place so I'm keeping faith on that score!

    Again, thanks so much guys!

  • Just wanted to let you guys know we got the house that appealed to our hearts more than our heads. We'll be moving in soon, possibly a couple of weeks. I have to say, that on walking into this house, it felt homey and welcoming. The previous tenant had also cleaned the place, so it also felt fresh and light. The other house we applied for - which appealed because of its location - when I walked in there, my first impression was "yuk". It was dingy, not clean and a bit dark in places.

    But, Fate has decided which house we'll live in next, so I'm happy with the choice! The area is also very beautiful, and truly combines the bush, coast and community.

  • @moon50
    Well happy full moon! Isn't it real what love can do for a home. The act of cleaning and giving attention to a space can be felt. Keep it going. I backslide sometimes and then it dawns on me how my mood is effected when I wait too long to put love into my home. I'm purging and decorating right now. In my young days of renting my husband always thought I was crazy for insisting on really cleaning a place for the next renters. Happy for you! BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon
    Hi blmoon, yes I decided to go with my heart and gut this time and both were more attracted to this house than the other, more practically located home.

    I also like to leave houses cleaner than I found them, but wasn't able to last year which made me sad. In saying that, that farm house was FILTHY and rodent infested when we moved in, so in a way, it was left in better condition. Not to mention that I'd started painting it which made it look loved and cared for.

    Pity most other renters don't have the same attitude! They leave gardens overgrown, the inside dirty and expect to get their bond back.

    My attitude is rental or not, its still your home while you live there so why treat it badly?

    I actually got a lump in my throat with this new place...a real sense of coming home which I haven't felt anywhere before.

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