Past life experience?

  • I've never had this happen before... but I was in a meditation the other day and I had this terrible vision, as I laid there I felt something trying to get out of my body, for lack of better explanation, it felt like my spirit trying to leave my body, and then a few moments later, I had this sensation of a full heavy blanket lay over my body like a shroud. I've NEVER had anything like that happen before.... holy moly. Any insight?

  • I have had similar sensations in my younger days during times of exhaustion. I do not pick up any spirit connection but feel this event is more a physical event and because you were in the act of meditation you connected the two. To validate my impression ask yourself how you are physically right now. Connect with your body. Have you been running on overdrive? Skimping on sleep? Suffering from allergies (decreased breathing?) Under a lot of stress, was your mind over tired? What can happen is under unaware exhaustion your body went to sleep....deep deep sleep but your mind did not catch up! This is a very scary disturbing sensation. A feeling of being trapped or paralyzed is possible when the body and mind separate. Hallucinations are possible...feeling an impending doom is possible. If this rings true for you let me know and I can help you address your exhaustion. BLESSINGS!

  • ok, that actually does make sense. All of the above!!! Like lucid dreaming. All I know is that it seemed so real I couldn't get it out of my head. I'm kind of relieved to hear there is no connection...I can't imagine someone dying that way... ugh. Thank you so much blmoon!!!!

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