Aries Man / Leo Woman

  • Hi all,

    I am a Leo Woman born on the 16th of Aug and my partner is an Arian Man born on the 29th of March. Through my research an arian and leo match is quite compatible. It definitely seems that way between myself and him as well as three other vip in my life who are arians

    My question is however if anyone knew judging by our birth dates if we are a compatible fit for the long term.

    Thanks so much


  • According to what you've told me, your birth date match might be a Pisces, and his might be a Cancer. But you could be an ideal match based on what year each of you were born (Chinese Astrology). Something in your astro chart may indicate a preference for Aries, too. Good luck!!!

  • I've seen a combo like this and they don't seem happy. I might have visited them in the wrong time, but that's what I see. Anyway you get what you two put into it, it goes for everything including relationship. I myself am in a blissful marriage with a Cap for close to 9 years now. astrology doesn't say many positive things about our combo and yet it works. astrology is not bad for general characteristics and complete birth chart can tell you a lot about how you two will relate to each other, but the rest of the facts lie on you both and how you decide to live your life.

    if you love each other, it will make up for what astrology doesn't say.

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