Is it time to move on?

  • I have been in a long distance for the last year. At first everything was great, we spoke everyday via video chats and made plans to visit eachother. I have been to see her and we fell deeper in love. Her availability changed and so we were not able to talk as much although we still spoke everyday. She recently got in touch with an old friend and since then everything has become so strained, when we talk she says she is tired and doesnt have much to say so i gave her some space. A few weeks ago she talked about us moving on then she decided that she didnt want that anymore and we should stay together. Things got better for a while and now suddenly shes tired again, we talk once a week and again its a conversation with long silences. She says we are ok and she still loves me. Her behaviour and words conflict eachother. What should i do? Is she telling me something but afraid to say it? Or am i over thinking things? Let me know what you think because im all out of ideas on this one. Thanking you in advance.

  • Hello, it seems to me that she's also feeling tension. You could be sending her the same signals that you're picking up. It's silent not entirely because she's uninterested or tired, but more likely because there are things that need to be said that aren't being said. That hold true on your part as well; what are you thinking that you aren't communication? I think you should be completely honest with her. 100% honest, and see where that takes you. Make it apparent to her of your goals and your worries regarding this relationship so that miscommunications can be cleared up as well as that tension. Best of luck to you!

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