The man I had a relationship with on and off for several years, just disappeared!

  • The man who deceived me, who showed that it was me he just wanted to disappear. I went away and worked for a few months, well back then I saw him with a young woman. The same woman he introduced me six months earlier, who was his neighbor. I do not know why anyone can hate a person so much that you have to hide and lie. Women I've seen in his friendship circle have persecuted me. Another woman stood outside my room and looked at me. I feel he loves another woman now, someone I know who has been bad about me. The strange thing is that he meets people in an apartment below me, where he also had sex with someone. This man, whom I thought was the love of my life. Why do you do something like he did to me? I called the watchman inattently because there was noise in the carriage underneath me. They refused to open. Instead, they turned to music and were silent. They also did not answer the phone when the guard ran to them. The mobile phone rang, but nobody answered. This guy has made my life a hell. I need help to understand. Why this evil and hatred against me?☹ ☹

  • The damage is in him - don't let it hurt you too. Some people are just broken and can only fix themselves. Nobody else can help them. Find someone who is well-adjusted and who will truly love you. Make this a helpful lesson about love and relationships - that is the good that will come from it, it is not all bad. Think back to any warning signs you had about this man and be aware of them next time. Learn to recognise insincerity and lies when you encounter them and not allow your need to be loved to override your caution..

  • @thecaptain

    What I just read was spot on! It’s exactly what has been going on in my life right now. I let my heart take over when my head told me different and it took me a long long time to finally see what he really was and he is hurting me even worse now that I finally figured it out and got proof of it and don’t put up with it anymore. He is the type though that is “I don’t want u but I don’t want anyone else to have u either” and I don’t know what to do?

  • @carebear77 That sounds dangerous - you should sever all ties with such a person. What he is about is ego and pride, not love.

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