Need advice on grounding/protection/cleansing for energy healing

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if someone can provide examples of a simple quick and effective daily routine & sequence for non religious grounding/protection, with limited time. I’ve seen many videos on Youtube, but I don’t know which one might be suitable or safe. I’m trying out energy healing for myself and for my cat. I feel better and he’s receptive of the energy. But we both have the tendency to absorb each other's illnesses and issues. Started long ago. I want to prevent that transfer. Have been feeling light-headed (which could also be lack of sleep and compressed neck and shoulder muscles from having to practise the energy healing in uncomfortable positions - since he sleeps on mats on the floor). Also sometimes feel static going up my forearm. And excess energy in my system.

    I realize it’s not ideal to practise without proper training/instruction. But it’s what I can do for us at the moment, on limited resources. So I’m trying to find a proper routine, and correct sequence from the time I wake up till bedtime and before and after I attempt any healing with him – that I can fit into my schedule whenever there are pockets of time. So far, I just follow a short Reiki healing sequence for myself, before I do anything with him. And anytime I feel anxiety or excess energy, I try a Stillness Meditation vid.

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  • @danceur - I like the visualisation where you imagine tree roots running down through your spine into the centre of mother earth.

  • @thecaptain
    I remember a meditation like that! First you visualize all negative energy leaving your body and traveling into the earth by those roots. The thought was that the earth would absorb and cleanse. The other part of the meditation followed with visualizing healing energy entering through your crown and filling your body. That was a good one!

  • Hi Captain & Blmoon,

    I tried that previously (visualizing roots to the earth and cleansing of energy). Curiously, it caused much dizziness and an ungrounded feeling. So I stopped.

    My spiritual practice now just consists of morning prayers and throughout the day as needed. There’s Youtubers who upload short prayers for almost anything and I found these to be helpful. My nature is kinda untethered, because I grew up without a reliable support system. The prayers are helping me to develop faith and trust, in something other than my own effort, and start to listen more for answers and intuition. I don’t have an alternative for the unintentional absorbing of illnesses though. I don't suffer from the dizziness anymore - realized it's because of compression, from being in uncomfortable contorted postures for long periods when I do this energy work. So I make sure now to stretch.

    Any advice with regards to hands-on healing? Actually I can’t heal anything. What I can do is relieve discomfort by relaxing stuck energy in parts of his body, which also (temporarily) improves the alignment of his joints. It works in me as well. I can relieve pain and discomfort and misalignment in myself. It's easier with hands, but there’s a mind body connection that wasn’t there before. I think anyone can do this stuff, but it seems to have come out very strong in a short time because of this situation.

  • @danceur
    I don't have anything new you haven't heard. My psychic impression of your energy is very clustered. I see a tight ball of energy rolled up inward and all around it layers and layers and more layers all around you. Like you are spiritually suffocating behind stagnate energy flow. It's as if you are walled off from the outside world. No wonder when you connect to the outside earth you feel a reaction! For people who have protected themselves by cutting off outside power, the very act of suddenly opening up a flow can be scary! Feeling powerful is the self imposed enemy but you are not aware of that. I suggest you direct your prays to asking for help and strength to be SAFE in POWER. Otherwise your long learned fear of safety will override anything you try to fix the inability to step OUTSIDE and claim your energy.. It makes me feel sad for you. As a on my own inner child myself and empath, my wish is to pull you out of your restrictions and set you free. But only you can do that on a lasting bases. Any healing given to you would not be sustained. Please stop obsessing about your cat. It only serves as a place to pull yourself inward. Your cat is not in pain. Animals are not like humans. When your cat is in pain you will hear the very vocal crys. And then you take it to the vet. What you need is the healing power of NATURE and movement. Fresh air, gardens, lakes, wildlife and children. Move it or lose it. Spend more time outside. Sit in the park and watch nature and people. Sit in your own yard! Barefoot and receive the healing
    energy of The FAIRIES , they are very powerful healers! And they deliver messages. But you have to go OUTSIDE to receive their gifts. I see that you do not breath enough which is conman for untethered withdrawn souls! And expect a rush of tingling or dizziness as you let in the new energy. Pray first to feel safe in energy. I pray you will heal dear Friend! BLESSINGS!

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  • You should persist with the visualization until you become more grounded. You only feel dizzy with it if you are very unconnected with the earth.

  • Don’t feel sad for me Blmoon. I’m trying to stay away from the negative storyline I’m prone to telling myself about this situation, for that turns pain into suffering.

    We saw a few vets, all of them said it is not his time. He is manifesting ill health and his tests are momentarily indicative of illness but later turn out clean. And they can’t give us anything to cure idiopathic illnesses, which keep recurring. He’s still lively and fighting, they said, in spite of needing such care. What you sense as layers is likely the shroud of spiritual attack. I never used to believe, but I have seen, felt and experienced enough these last few months and looking at our history, to know it’s true for us. A lot of inexplicable illness and bad incidents and ill luck have occurred in the family, often at the same times. I don’t think it is an accident that ‘healing ability’ only manifested now, when I am under extreme duress. Even my sis has awakened some abilities. I feel I’m meant to heal myself as much as possible and become aware and develop some control over negative and self-sabotaging patterns – even in these tough circumstances, so that my next phase is more positive. Even though at face value, it is all about my cat, it is actually about healing ourselves and claiming back our power. For we cannot be carrying this baggage, when we are finally able to move forward. I don’t fear safety. I’ve stepped forward to trust in this ability and use it, though I don’t know how. I will get out there eventually.

    This is something I’ve got to do for me. The only way is through. Pray for me, that when the time comes, I can recover quickly enough from grief, and that I will have enough wits about me and the financial means somehow to get myself out of here asap. And that I have courage and fortitude to face down all challenges, in the meantime.

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