Weekly Tarot Card: The Emperor

  • The Tarot card of the week is The Emperor! If you're not familiar with Tarot card meanings, The Emperor card represents authority and structure, and signifies your ability to be the master of your own making. In the advice position, this card suggests a plan of action which unifies what you want with what is possible.

    Read more about what Tarot expert Coleman Stevenson has to say about the energies of this week here.

  • @jendig
    This spoke to me today! My morning Angel card pull echos this card exactly. Another validation of current events in my life. I've been advised to be aware of a possible dominating presence around me that could cause me to question my own good authority, if I let it. I so love synchronicity! Thank you!

  • @Blmoon You're so welcome! Isn't synchronicity great? As you said, it's validation from the universe. Hard to ignore these messages when they keep coming through loud and clear 🙂

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