Pisces and virgo?

  • any comments on this pairing ?

    Cant seem to live with him or Without him ?

  • Pisces and Virgo,

    Can be a good combination, Because

    opposites attracts, with a pisces things will

    always be fun. Im guessing he's the virgo?

    I love this match I love all opposite matches,

    Its always a good learning experience when

    the two join. need I say more ?

  • Pisces and Virgo are very different signs, and although they often make great friends... romance can be complicated as virgo is an earth sign and pisces is a water sign. Virgo likes things to be straightforward, honest and dependable, whereas Pisces is often imaginative, self-deluding, and doesn't like to commit to a single path of action. Virgo has a need to assimilate information and also categorize it where as Pisces tends to just take information as it comes without assessing or attaching any particular meaning to it. These differences can produce some frustration although both signs may have a lot to teach the other.

  • Hello

    I agree with everyone I am a pisces women and I know a virgo man, very intense friendship we have he makes me mad (in a good way), and what I mean by that is he so reserved and guarded with his emotions yet very intense with his eyes the way he stare at me and the way he hugs me, I am open and honest i tell him how I feel up front. When I want to be with him he seems distance and when I back off he wants to with me. Although this is confusing, frustrating, and exciting I can not seem to get enough of this virgo man (just as you said christopherobyne).

  • Opposites do attract and although they are very different signs their are some similarities. Both signs are very deep and intense but in different ways. The best thing with a virgo is not to come on strong and not to overwhelm them.

  • I learn this the hard way (virogirl37), coming on to strong turns him away and when I pull back he seems to search for me sort to speak. I must admit though I like it this way better.

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