June Astrological Events

  • June is certainly going to be an interesting month:

    • New Moon in Gemini
    • Venus moving into Leo
    • Neptune AND Mars will go retrograde (!)
    • Summer Solstice
    • Full Moon in Capricorn

    What are you most looking forward to? As an Aries rising, I like that Mars Retrograde could be a much-needed chill pill.

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  • @jendig
    HAPPY JUNE! This is the month we get REAL. Whatever change has been calling to us the last few months along with whatever dramas or shakeups have been pushing us towards our purpose is HERE! This is not the month to backslide or be iffy about all we have worked towards in our personal journey of growth. Each of us have a unique challenge and choice, yet universally we all are feeling the same energy to align with our purpose. May was a push towards making that scary leap. Some of us are feeling a bit tired as May, with all it's challenges and prodding to go in the direction needed , winds down. Despite this tired feeling, or perhaps the urge to retreat a bit, we must resist! This is not the time to let go of May's momentum and take the easy road. Don't worry, this last bit of hard work will ease very soon as we slide into our true selves. Being our true selves will bring less conflict and confusion. For many, this is a month for finding your sacred place. This may be a personal retreat or a group of others. The energy that supports us this month is the energy of sisterhoods. That doesn't mean you brothers are not included! The energy is of the feminine. A universal call for all that comes with the energy of nurture, building, uniting, creativity. POSSIBILITY! We are being urged to let go of personal ego driven distractions that isolate us from a common good. (take advantage of that Mars retrograde!) Joining in group efforts and free spirited ventures (hello Gemini new moon) will be blessed this month by a no nonsense Capricorn moon. This is the perfect balance to keep the abundance of creative free spirit "can do" constructively moving forward with feet on the ground. As for Venus moving into Leo. Feel that feminine roar! And enjoy the summer bounty of seeds planted and nurtured....it was work!! BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon said in June Astrological Events:

    We are being urged to let go of personal ego driven distractions that isolate us from a common good. (take advantage of that Mars retrograde!)

    I love this! I think it's so easy to get caught up in these kinds of distractions. I don't think they just distract us from the common good -- I think they also distract us from our own good.

  • @jendig
    Thank you! And yes, we are not capable of serving our purpose in relationship to others if we are not in a good relationship with ourselves! That's why it's so important we check in with ourselves throughout our day to keep a healthy awareness of our energy exchanges. Distractions are never really cured but can be managed .If I could go back and advise my younger self I would so try and and get that distraction lesson across! But in all kindness to my young self, perhaps it's my failings that have made me capable of this lesson learned and the clarity to see it in others who seek guidance. We cannot control other's actions or those surprise events that yank our chain. We can only control our perspective and our energy, mind body and Spirit. It's a tough one! When our emotions are running high it's hard to hear the advice of our higher guidance. Yet, it's when we are most feeling a hot mess we feel desperate to reach outside ourselves for help. When really, it's our higher purpose to be capable of centering ourselves and shaking off high emotions (specially fear) as we all have very good guidance to tap into by going within. BLESSINGS!

  • @Blmoon it reminds me of that Thomas Edison quote that says, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." As you said, it's about our perspective. If we choose to look at these distractions and lessons as a stepping stones to something greater, then so shall it be.

  • @jendig
    interesting coincidence regarding your Edison quote. I was headed out the door for an oil change and something told me to grab a book so I grabbed EMOTIONAL FREEDOM by Judith Orloff. It's a book that never gets old. Good thing because I ended up stuck for hours. I did a random page pick and guess what popped up on the page I first chose? That same Edison quote!

  • @Blmoon no way! I love coincidences (or is it really just a cosmic message?) like that. Also, that book sounds so interesting. Just googled it and sounds like something that's right up my alley.

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